Belmio Pizza

44 Madiwela Road, Thalawatugoda

Belmio is a pizzeria in Thalawatugoda that serves up easily the best pizza in the area. They also deliver fast.

Belmio Pizza is your best bet for thin-crust pizza around Thalawatugoda. They've got a quaint, little spot right next to Cafe 47, and serve an array of pizza loaded with meats and cheese, cooked from a giant, wood-fired, clay oven. 

Food & Drinks

Representing the colours of the Italian flag (green, white, and red), the Caprese Salad (Rs. 750) featured the usual elements; slices of mozzarella, tomatoes, and sweet basil. The tomatoes and basil were quite fresh and the mozzarella was of good quality. We enjoyed it. 

Opting to the half-n-half option, we got two of their most popular toppings - Quattro Formaggi (Rs. 1650, half Rs. 825) and Meat Pizza (Rs. 1950, half Rs. 975). 

The Meat Pizza was an assortment of bacon, chicken, and beef pepperoni scattered on a blanket of mozzarella covering a well-crisped up crust. They're quite generous with their toppings, so everything here contributes to making a rich, meaty, and smoky treat. There was a swirl of tanginess drawn from the crushed up tomato and sauce, which enhanced the flavour even more. 

As a massive fan of Giovanni's Quattro Formaggi, we must say that Belmio's take on this, is a close second. The bold notes of gorgonzola beautifully stood out, while the combination of mozzarella, parmesan and ricotta ease it in. 

As for our dessert, we got a Chocolate Brownie (Rs. 500) accompanied with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Rs. 500 for a piece of brownie is a bit much, really, but the size of it is quite hefty and sharable between two. Absolutely chocolaty and fudgy to perfection, it was served warm, had a gooey middle, along with a delicate shell. 

Ambience & Service

The space here is simple and a bit cramped, but it easily can fit around 15 people at a time. Probably not the best choice if you're having a pizza party with a bunch (unless you're planning to reserve the whole space), but not a bad choice for a small dinner/lunch out, or a date. 

The food took around 15 minutes to arrive, and the staff is happy to make recommendations if you need any. 


The suburban areas of Colombo need more thin-crust pizzerias, and Belmio provides it. If you're passing by and craving for a slice or two, this is a solid option for that. We recommend. 


Build your own pizza. Break all the rules!
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The best spot for pizza in Thalawatugoda.

Belmio Pizza is a pizzeria way out in Thalawatugoda that serves what is easily the best thin crust pizza in that area.

දාලා තියෙනවා යාළු පෙපරෝනී.. රොටි වාටියෙවත් එක අඟලක් පේන්නෙ නැති වෙන්නම. ඊටත්, ඊට යටින් එලපු මොසරැල්ලා තට්ටුවයි ටොමැටෝ බේස් එකයි..? වැඩක් නෑ කියලා, අතරින් පතර හැපෙන බැසිල් කොලයක්, ඔලිව් ඔයිල් රසක්.. සත්තයි, නොම්මර එකයි, මල් හතයි!

සොසේජ් පීසා! හප්පේ, සුපිරි රසක්. ජම්බො සොසේජස්... දාලත් තියෙනව පීසා එක වැහෙන්න. පෝරණු රස්නෙට ළාවට කරවෙලා, චීස් එක්ක ගැලපිලා… පංකාදු පහයි! ඒ අතරට එන තක්කාලි බේස් එකේ රස? ෂැහ්! ටොප් ආ…

පෝර්ක්, බාබකියු චිකන් පීසා එකනෙ පීසා එක. ඇයි ඉතින් පදමට කර වුණු පෝර්ක් හැම්, බාබකියු චිකන් එක්ක, රිකොට්ටා චීස්, මාගරිටා බේස් එක, නිවිති, ලූණූ, හතු, බ්ලැක් ඔලිව්…

කොහොම වුනත් බෙල්මියෝ නිසා අපේ බියර් පාටිය ටොප් එකට නැගල ගියා. ඩෝප් සීන් එකේ අන්තිමට දෙන්න සිංදුත් කියල තමයි ගෙදර ගියේ. කියන්න සන්තෝසයි යාළු, පුල් මාවලස් මන්ත් එන්ඩ් පාටිය ඈ...


44 Madiwela Road, Thalawatugoda


From Thalawatugoda junction, head towards Madiwela on Madiwela Road, and it will be to your left. From Kotte, head towards Thalawatugoda, and it will be to your right.



Open until 10:30 PM



Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Pasta Vegetarian Pizza

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