Berlin Sky Lounge

The Goldblock, 7th floor, 101/11 Hunupitiya lake Road, Colombo 02.

Berlin Sky Lounge is a rooftop bar located on the 7th floor of The Goldblock. They do a promising job in delivering German pub food, and some fine cocktails.

The skyline of Colombo has been undergoing an architectural revival with the new skyscrapers popping up in every corner in the city. If you want to get  7 floors high and enjoy this sick view with some good booze in your hand while indulging on German infused delicacies, the Berlin Sky Lounge is a fine spot for that. It's a rooftop pub, and a sister restaurant to Il Cielo Italian restaurant, which is located in the same building. 


Berlin Sky Lounge offers a range of cocktails, and we tried two of them. 

Sex On the Beach can be enjoyed in different ways, and this cocktail is one of the ways to how (ha!). Involving the usual Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Cassis, Orange Juice and Cranberry Juice, and was good as it can get. Hella refreshing and deliciously fruity, with a nice boozy punch emerging through, it made for a fine summertime (which is almost every day in Colombo) staple. Costs Rs. 990. 

Four boozy elements (Vodka, Gin, Light Rum, and Tequila), slipping in together, along with triple sec, lemon juice and cola, which would reminiscent of an iced tea but doesn't have a drop of tea in it?

Yep, the Long Island Iced Tea (Rs. 1390) here was a classic. Comes with a potent boozy kick, it's miracle of a blend that goes down so easy, and would make you tipsy without you even knowing it.  Now that is a treat that's hard to beat! 


The food menu here is composed of grills, hamburgers, schnitzels, sausage-based dishes and a bunch of desserts. 

Featured here is the Grilled Pork Chop with Pepper Gravy Sauce (Rs. 1650), served with a side of Mashed Potato. It was generously glazed with a thick, deliciously spicy pepper sauce with a tinge of sourness to it, and the meat itself fell apart with ease. Succulent and juicy, it was nicely grilled while the meaty flavors were fuelled by the charcoal bits stuck on the meat. 

At Berlin Sky Lounge, we got to taste one of the best mashed potato sides we've ever come across. It was extremely buttery, while the parsley bits embedded on it made for an extra flavor. 

A German meal is incomplete without wurst (sausage), which is why we ordered the Currywurst (Rs. 990). Two sausages (chicken/pork, we opted for the former) soaked in a homemade sauce and served with a side of pan-fried potatoes, this was a simple, yet delicious dish. 

Not only did they boast a rich, mesquite flavor, but these chicken sausages were excellently prepared and had just the right amount of seasoning. Its delightful meaty goodness was only boosted by the sweet and sour notes of the homemade tomato-based sauce. So good!

Slightly crispy from the outside, and mushy from the inside, the pan-fried potato wedges were adequately salty and made for a good muncheon. 

They have a range of homemade gelato, and gelato based desserts which I presume that comes from their neighbor. Sadly, none of them were available on the day we visited, which is why we got this Creme Brulee (Rs. 450).

The blowtorched layer of caramel provided a satisfactory crack, and what follows after that was a rich filling of custard. It wasn't too sugary, which is a good thing as you can get all the sweetness from the caramel itself. 

Service & Ambience

Incredibly accommodating and super attentive, the service at Berlin Sky Lounge was just wonderful. They know their way around the menu, and happy to provide you with recommendations.

From dizzying heights of ongoing skyscrapers to swan boats cruising on the Beira lake, this is an awesome vantage point that lets you gaze at some of the most spectacular views that Colombo city has to offer. Needless to say, this view is even prettier at night. 


Sometimes, when it's the end of a long week, all you need is drinks with a view, and Berlin Sky Lounge delivers them both. They also have a bunch of good German pub food, so it's a good call for a date night or a Friday tipple. 

*Photographs courtesy of: @raveen.re


The Goldblock, 7th floor, 101/11 Hunupitiya lake Road, Colombo 02.


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Pork Chicken Burgers Cocktails

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