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Beverly Street (R.A De Mel Mawatha)

28/9 Duplication Road, Bambalapitiya

Beverly Street's newest outlet is on R.A De Mel Mawatha right across from Yamu HQ. We decided to pop in and see how they're doing.

Beverly Street has opened up a brand new spot at R.A De Mel Mawatha right across the road from our office (why are there so many clothing stores by our office?). We decided to pop in and take a look.

Accessories (Ground Floor)

So the first floor is all about the shoes, bags, jewellery and makeup. They have quite a decent range of shoes, I found a pair I really liked which is incredibly rare for me. The bags are not too bad, either. 
The jewellery, is all hippy-coachella style jewellery which for some reason, is still in style. Not complaining though because their selection is on point.
The price range for jewellery goes from Rs.65 - Rs.2000.

The sunglasses really got my attention. They have a range of interesting glasses on display, including some very Gaga-esque glasses for any fashion-forward souls who'd like to showcase their personalities through their eyewear. 

They have a small selection of shoes for the guys too, but nothing impressive, just basic formal footwear, and off-brand Vans.

At the makeup counter you'll find basic necessities like foundation, lipsticks and the like from British Cosmetics and Revlon. 

They also have perfumes courtesy of the Parfumerie.

Kids (1st Floor)

Their selection for the kids is quite limited. However they DO have a few cute shoes for the girls, and for the boys I'd say the only worthwhile purchase you could make is a toy.

They have an okay selection of toys for kids, including the good old Mechanix constructable toys, so that's awesome.
The price ranges from Rs.75 - Rs.12,000 (certain toys).

Ladieswear (2nd Floor)

The ladies have quite a lot to choose from even though they mostly cater to younger women. They've displayed a lot of sandals and slippers from Island Lush and Kraftsy.

Again since the coachella/neo-flower child look is trending, they have a lot of tie-dyed pants, kaftans, crop tops etc. What I was thoroughly impressed with, was the shirts. Being an avid fan of crazy/flower print shirts I found a lot of shirts I really liked and the fit was perfect. Shout out to their well-curated plus size section too!

In terms of trousers they didn't have anything special on display, but their selection of skirts is quite interesting.

The lingerie was tucked away in a nice corner and not right smack in the middle of the shop so the more conservative customers can shop for their necessities in peace, which I liked.

The prices range from Rs.700 - Rs.9,000.

Menswear (3rd Floor)

For you gentlemen, they've stocked up on some cool linen shirts, and a massive array of office shirts from every colour of the rainbow. If you're hipster af they've got a ton of quirky patterned shirts you can pick and choose from. 

As for the jeans and trousers they had basic necessities, nothing exciting. But menswear is really never exciting anyway.

They also had a section on both the ladies' and gents' floors called 'Island Wear' which is basically light and flowy clothing for hot weather.

The price ranges from Rs.200 - Rs.8,000.



Keep in mind that they're no LV or Gucci, so you can't go in expecting over the top tailoring. But in terms of casual and rather satisfactory clothing, they seem to be doing great. I'd highly recommend this place if you don't want to burn a hole through your wallet and are attending a music festival in the near future.


Great place to shop at if you're a contemporary hippy.


28/9 Duplication Road, Bambalapitiya


It's on the left side of Duplication road, adjacent to Vajira Road.


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