Bixton Street Cafe

No: 240 Galle Road Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

The Street Café is a fairly new joint in Mount Lavinia. They've got a range of average dishes and a quite good hot buttered cuttlefish.

The Bixton Street Café is a fairly new joint in Mount Lavinia. They’ve got good dishes at affordable prices and their hot buttered cuttlefish outclasses most other Chinese restaurants.

The Food & Drink

Their menu features typical café food such as burgers and shakes as well as less orthodox options such as fried rice. They’ve even got rice and curry for lunch which seemed popular while we were there. For our starter we ordered their marinated thai beef salad (Rs.399). This really wasn’t anything to write home about. The beef was tough and chewy with only the greens providing flavour to the dish.

But boy, oh boy can minstrels write songs about their hot buttered cuttlefish . You may be used to the dry, crispy HBC offered by most chinese restaurants. At Rs.449 this isn’t your ordinary HBC. This is wet and crispy. Bathed in hot butter sauce, I would place this second only to the Colombo Swimming Club’s HBC (which too is wet). It isn't as crispy as the CSC HBC, but it's definitely worth a try.

Their Street Café Delight Burger (Rs. 399) is also a tasty option. The patty was pretty good and mustered support from the accompanying mushrooms and cheese, but the bun was dry and a bit of a let down. The accompanying chips were alright, but in a city where hunger doesn't sleep the serving of chips is merely a sidekick to the hunger-busting patty.

You might enjoy their street café chocolate fantasy (Rs.399). It had bits of crunchy chocolate-somethings too floating around and added a bit of an adventure to the experience. Their strawberry smoothie (Rs.399) is good too.

If you’ve got the space for dessert their Waffle Sundae won't disappoint you. (Rs.349). It’s an alright option though its basically a fancy way of saying warm waffles with ice cream and strawberry sauce.

Service and Ambiance

Believe it or not the café was once a car park. They’ve done well to use its design to their advantage and have an entrance at both ends of the café which means you can enter from either Galle or Hotel Road. Though their service could use some brushing up the café itself is pretty stylish and doesn’t come around as being too gaudy. The first waiter who took our order was blunt and a bit rude, but our next waiter (who apologized on behalf of his co-worker) was friendly and attentive.


If you live in Mount (or are just visiting), the Bixton Street Cafe is an affordable and reliable place for everything from burgers to rice and curry. The hot buttered cuttlefish comes recommended.


They're closed on Friday afternoons during prayer times.


No: 240 Galle Road Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka


This is neatly wedged between Hotel Road and Galle Road and is straight after Odel. You may miss it. So keep an eye out.



This place has closed down


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