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Blue Spoon

90 A, Jawatta Rd, Colombo 05

A cafe down Jawatta Road with good food, soothing vibes and all right coffee.

We stumbled upon Blue Spoon on our way to Toppgun Burgers. At the time, we had nothing in mind but burgers, and therefore decided to put a pin on checking out the Blue Spoon. It's a quaint cafe down Jawatta Road, right in front of Skrumptious


Blue Spoon's main focus seems to be on cakes and snacks, but they also do a few mains. On the day we visited, they had three - the All Day Breakfast, Chicken/Beef Burger and Prawn Dumplings. According to their Instagram feed, they also serve rice on certain days. 

The Beef Burger (Rs. 900) had a flavourful patty, which was in fact, the best thing about it. A well-seasoned, beefy patty with a pale gold-hue, and a light crust. Coupled with the gooey, melting layer of cheese, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, jalapeñoes, and pickles, everything falls into place here, except the bun, which was sogged up.

Toasting the bread a little longer, and making sure that the ingredients are dry - especially the lettuce, should've fixed it.

The accompanying chips were chunky, crispy and slightly salty, but tasted good, nonetheless. 

This serving of Prawn Dumplings (Rs. 1200) is a light, yet filling treat. I'm a bit concerned about the price tag, but still really happy I ordered it.

Eight silky smooth dumplings with a crispy-fried underbelly, the filling here had garlicky, gingerly kicks seeping through, which blend in well with the chunks of prawns in the mix. 

No chocolate cake in the country is good enough for us, as we've had the best from The Cake Factory. However, we really enjoyed this Raspberry Chocolate Cake (Rs. 690) though.

With a fudgy base, and a layer of raspberry coulis and nougat in the middle, it was a well-harmonised medley of sweet, sour, fruity and of course, chocolaty. The icing was smooth and had just the right amount of sweetness. 

We have mixed feelings about this Chocolate Éclair (Rs. 300). On the good side, it was really chocolaty, and the sweetness was on point. Unfortunately, the shell was a tad try, and so was the filling inside.


Blue Spoon offers a range of drinks - including coffee (hot/cold) and mojitos. 

They use Costa coffee in the brews, and this Flat White (Rs. 450) was all right. The milk was not exactly creamy, and there was a slight bitterness coming from the coffee, which was balanced out by the caramel art on top.

The Hot Chocolate (Rs. 600) lifted up our mood instantly. Lots and lots of cocoa powder seem to have been included here. So good!

Ambience & Service

Blue Spoon has a calm, soothing ambience that will give you peace of mind. The brick walls, potted plants and vintage-style "Ceylon" posters totally add up to the modern, charming cafe vibe they intend to provide. 

The barista behind the counter had his mask on at all times, and was helpful throughout our stay. 


While the coffee can improve, we highly recommend Blue Spoon for their food. It's not a crowded cafe, not at least during weekdays, which makes it an ideal place to check out if you want to enjoy a good meal, perhaps with an interesting read. 

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