Bo Ella

Mallekale Road, Sri Lanka.

According to folklore, this is a waterfall with a bottomless pool. Be careful to not drown and die.

About a five minute's drive from Saradiel's hideout Utuwankanda, Bo Ella is a waterfall with a rather massive and immensely creepy base-pool. Creepy because it's so murky, stagnant and still and you just know that it'll pull you under if you venture in too far. Kind of reminiscent of the toxic lake at Camp Wannaweep in Kim Possible.

The Waterfall

The characteristic feature of this particular fall is the massive rock/boulder dam separating the base pool and the river that flows from it. If you want to test your endurance, and push boundaries, try walking barefoot across the rocks at high noon. Bad idea, but it's sure to make you stronger (ie: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger).

Since the basepool looked too stagnant for our liking (with moss and stuff floating atop) we took a left turn to where there were multiple smaller pools and where the river actually flowed. There were some aunties washing clothes and we were just downstream of them, so we basically got soaped as well. No complaints on that end because we'd just finished a sweaty hike up Utuwankanda and needed to wash up anyway.

There are fish in it, but they pretty much leave you alone. As in, unlike in pools in Meemure, these guys don't do the whole foot-spa biting thing.

Keep in Mind

- That there are unexpectedly deep patches in this place.

- The water flow can suddenly increase and accidents are pretty common.

- It's kind of slippery (as usual).

- Don't litter. Obviously.


Mallekale Road, Sri Lanka.


Go along the Mawanella-Rambukkana Road and then turn into Yatimahana Road. Ask for directions, the residents are very helpful.