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BOND's Dutch Delicacies

Delivery only

A home-based venture that does some incredibly rich desserts.

For any sensible Sri Lankan, there's no feeling equivalent to the happiness of finding a great Chocolate Biscuit Pudding. The feelings we bear for this beloved dessert is that strong. So, it's only natural to feel excited to come across a new CBP, despite the fair share of CBPs we've had over the years.
A home-based venture, BOND's does one of the richest CBPs we've ever had, embedded with a dash of Dutch goodness.

The CBPs

At the moment, they have only 2 kinds - Classic and Marzipan, which are available in 120g and 200g jars. 

This is the Classic Chocolate Biscuit Pudding (Rs. 650 for 200g). We actually ordered the 120g one, but due to a mistake from their end, they were kind enough to give the 200g one for the same price, which is Rs. 400. 

Oh my! It's the mark of perfection. The silky-smooth, luxuriously dark chocolate layers were so damn intense in flavour - hitting all the right spots in our chocolate radar. It has no eggs, but a very little amount of sugar, so the sweetness is mainly drawn from dark chocolate itself.

The milk-soaked biscuits had just the right level of sogginess - soft enough that you can scoop it up using a plastic spoon, but firm enough that it holds a good physical state without falling apart.

Priced at Rs. 500 for 120g, the Marzipan Chocolate Biscuit Pudding had the same excellent layers of chocolate and Marie biscuit, with the addition of Marzipan. This one is sweeter than the Classic, and has a nuttier touch to it, all thanks to the bits of almonds, sugar and honey in the Marzipan. 


Incredible! Absolutely incredible! If you love CBP, this is something that you should not miss. You can grab yours by contacting them through their Instagram/Facebook.

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