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Breeze Barracuda

10, Galle Face Drive, Colombo

Breeze Barracuda is a sister restaurant to the popular beach hangout spot in Wellawatte, Barracuda.



Bob loblaw

Started really well, ended up being a big rip off!

Over the last two months we visited the place thrice and had a good experience especially with the corkage free BYOB. Every time we go, we call ahead and reserve and ask about the BYOB conditions (as they tend to change often).

The fourth time we visited, after an hour they inform us that each person has to order Rs. 1500 worth of dishes or a Rs. 2000 per each person charge will be added to our final bill (the whole policy doesn't make sense at all, in addition to considering that its localized Chinese food and portion sizes).

Its really disorienting when they don't inform this before (on the phone when asked) and only inform us after a group of 8-9 of us had settled and already ordered.

Ps: The manger was extremely rude, and the night ended with him yelling to us something along the lines of "We don't want yall, never come again!"

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