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Breeze Beverages & Bakery

No. 198, D.S Senanayake Veediya, Kandy 2.

A small gem in the busy Kandy streets serving some great coffee and deliciously sweet treats.

Breeze is a quaint little cafe amidst the busy markets of Kandy city. It is located right opposite CIB Shopping Centre on Kandy Road. We stepped in on a hot day for some coffee and had quite the pleasant experience. Everything here is less than Rs. 500.

The Food

Their menu isn't very extensive but, let me just say, what little they do, they do it right. They have waffles and crepes in a variety of flavors, and we were told they have a display of baked goodies as well (which weren't available at the time we visited). It's always better to ask them for what's available and they'd be more than happy to accommodate. 

They have a lot of baked goodies like layered cream cake, pancake crepes, tres leches, cakes, and cupcakes. Really wished we could have tried them.

The Blueberry Waffles (Rs. 320) were devoured in seconds. The waffles were delicious, albeit a little burnt. It was crunchy and sweet, with the sourness of the blueberries balancing out the flavors. The whipped cream too was just as good as the one we tried at Tokiwa, having a smooth texture and perfect consistency.

The Strawberry Crepe (Rs 280) too was really good. The thin, smooth texture of the crepe was perfectly cooked with an abundance of strawberry and whipped cream filling. The filling, however, did not include any strawberry pieces which was unfortunate, but that didn't stop us from enjoying it. I can totally see myself ordering it again. They also have Choco-Banana and Mango crepes.

We also tried the Nougats (Rs. 200) from their display. It was very sweet (as they normally are) and addictive. They were freshly made and had a chewy, sticky texture. We highly recommend you try them out. 

The Drinks

Their drinks menu had a bigger selection than the food. They've got bubble tea in different flavors including mango, pineapple, strawberry, hot chocolate and of course, the classic milk tea. Aside from that, they also have iced tea, coffee, smoothies and shaving ice.

The Iced Mocha (Rs 360) was an absolute treat. It is ideal to have on a hot sunny day. It was refreshing and delicious. The strong coffee taste was undeniable with its rich flavor. The coffee beans are freshly brewed on site and they use an Italian brand called Barbera Augusta in Grani. 

The Strawberry Shaving Ice (Rs. 300) was decent. The cashews and the peanuts gave the dish a variety of flavor and not just sweetness, which I really appreciated. 

The Mango Bubble Tea (Rs. 240) was the only thing that fell short to impress us. It was way too sweet for my liking but I'm not the biggest sweet fan. However, there were huge sweet-tooths with me and they agreed as well. The mango iced tea flavor was not very strong as it was overpowered by the sweetness. 

Service and Ambiance

Their service is phenomenal. The two women there were very friendly and all smiles. They were well versed in English and knew their way around the menu. They efficiently explained everything that was on the menu as well as their personal preference. It was a joy to talk to them. Great energy. 

The place might not seem big from the outside but it is quite spacious with bright colors and cute furniture all around. The blue and white color theme really works well with the cutesy wall art and decors. 


We really liked Breeze. I envy the people who live in Kandy that gets to try their cream cakes which I was really looking forward to. Anyhow, if you're ever in the area, drop by to satisfy those tastebuds.


Try the Iced Mocha and the Crepes. They're amazing!


No. 198, D.S Senanayake Veediya, Kandy 2.


It's right opposite the CIB Shopping Centre.


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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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Candy Waffles Coffee

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