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Bubble Me Bubble Tea

106 Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 05

Bubble Me Bubble Tea is the newest bubble tea space in Colombo with plenty of variety when it comes to both bubbles and teas.

Colombo's bubbling bubble tea scene has simmered down a little after Bubble Me Bubble Tea's entrance. Since their opening they have been teeming with crowds and are set to open their second branch soon.

Service and Ambience

In terms of service, Bubble Me Bubble Tea is really cordial. Everyone, from the cashier to the person shaking up your teas, wears a smile. The cashier, a friendly man, will happily help you through the order which comes off as a little confusing if it's your first time at Bubble Me. The staff are pretty efficient and quick despite being flooded with bubble tea fanatics.

This bubble tea spot is small and cosy with a mural portraying a bubbling romance adding to the relaxed air. Seating space is limited to about 10 high stools, some overlooking the bustling main road. On the whole, it's chilled but can get suffocatingly crowded during peak times. 

The Teas

They've got milk teas, iced teas, yogurt teas and slushies to choose from. In addition to the mainstream tapioca pearls and popping boba, Bubble Me Bubble Tea has also got coffee jelly, ai-yu jelly and coconut jelly on board. We brought back 6 medium sized teas priced at Rs 380 (Lychee Black Tea, Blueberry Black Tea, Strawberry Yogurt Tea, Caramel Milk Tea, Almond Milk Tea, and Classic Milk Tea) and 1 slushie priced at Rs 480 (Apple and Guava Slushie) to the YAMU HQ. After the taste test, we were left with mixed emotions about Bubble Me Bubble Tea.


Our fruit teas, Lychee Black Tea with Green Apple Boba and Blueberry Black Tea with Blueberry Boba, did not impress. The flavours were way too diluted and with 25% sweetness, the teas were just too strong. The popping bubbles did add to the occassional wave of sweetness, but besides that, we weren't too happy with the fruit teas.

The Strawberry Yogurt Tea with Strawberry Boba was a real winner. It's got a strong strawberry yogurt flavour and with the strawberry bubbles, it made for a very merry burst of strawberry flavour. 

We paired our milk based teas with tapioca pearls, and were disappointed with our trio of teas. The almond essence in the Almond Milk Tea overpowered the taste of tea, the Classic Milk Tea was way too strong, completely taking off the milk in Milk Tea, and the Caramel Milk Tea was also low on caramel flavour. We have had their Caramel Milk Tea several times previously and their delivery has been inconsistent, with an excellent Caramel Milk Tea on their good days and vice versa. 

We loved their Apple and Guava Slush with Green Apple Boba. For 480 rupees, their slushies are priced a little higher than their tea based drinks. Nevertheless, this slushie was refreshing with a slightly tangy and citrusy taste to it. For scorching hot Colombo days, this would be an ideal thirst quencher.


Although they have been inconsistent with their teas from our experience, Bubble Me Bubble Tea is cosy little spot at a convenient location selling teas and slushies.


106 Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 05


Bubble Me is at the Thimibirigayaya junction just passed BreadTalk and Sen-Saal.



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Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Beverages Tea Iced Tea

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