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Buddhi Batiks

# 32, Ward Place, Colombo 7.

Buddhi Batiks takes the tradition of the batik industry and revamps them to create designer fashion.

Buddhi batiks does a modern take on batiks. As we all know batiks were most popular among tourists to take home as souvenirs. Darshi Keerthisena (Design Director at Buddhi Batiks) transforms this notion and adds a contemporary touch to the design. The designs are quirky and handmade but the prices are a bit upscale.

The Saris

They've got quite a heavenly collection of saris, with materials ranging from satin to chiffon. The saris come in an array of vibrant colors and bold batik designs, mostly suitable for evening wear, for a party or some similar occasion. A bit on the high end the prices start from Rs. 25,000 upwards. Also note they take in custom orders for saris, in the sense you can get it worked in a design you like.

The Dresses

Apart from the saris, they also have quite a unique collection of dresses. The cut of the dress is contemporary, be it for evening or casual wear, but the batik design of the material transforms and makes it stand out from the other dresses you might find elsewhere. These are not as expensive as the saris with prices starting from Rs. 5,000/= although it can go up to Rs. 14,000+ for a satin evening wear dress.

The Other Stuff

There was a selection of shawls (Rs. 6,000+), blouses (Rs. 2,500+), skirts (Rs. 3,000+), t-shirts (Rs. 1,000+) and a limited number of swim wear (Rs. 7,000+) pieces. The mens' wear collection was mostly cotton with a small collection of shirts (Rs. 3,500+), pants (Rs. 9,000+) and shorts (Rs. 1,700+).    

For accessories they had a collection of cloth batiks bags (Rs. 2,500+), clutches (Rs. 5,000+) which were more expensive than the bags for some reason, and some jewelry (Rs. 1,500+) mostly to suit the collection in store. There was a small collection of shoes, mostly with a wedged heel starting from Rs. 2,500/=.


Buddhi Batiks has a modern and a unique take on saris and dresses. The Saris are beautiful and artistic. The stuff they offer would make you stand out in a crowd.  


Check out their 2015 diary collection with batik covers.


# 32, Ward Place, Colombo 7.


Come down Ward Place from the De Soysa roundabout. Pass the University Grants Commission and NCSA. It will be on your right hand side, right next to Coco Veranda


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Open Mon - Sat 10.00 am to 7.00 pm Sun & Poya 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

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