Burger King (Colpetty)

283 Galle Road, Colombo 3

A well run Burger King franchise with a nice location (second floor balcony) in Colpetty. They also have interesting local options like spicy chicken and rice now.

It's still a bit strange review fast-food franchises, but they are a thing in Sri Lanka. The Burger King in Colpetty has a nice location, takeaway, and bigger burgers by popular demand. They have rice now as well. It's a well-run franchise.

The Food

The spicy chicken The spicy chicken

When Burger King first opened early this year they encountered a social media storm strong enough to topple a government. They responded by making their patties bigger. We thought they were OK to start with, but apparently they're bigger now. BK Sri Lanka does the usual Whopper range, the only exception being that they don't have bacon as an add-on, instead offering turkey strips. Kinda sad, but a necessity when so many fast-food customers want to avoid pork.

Some new additions to their menu are the Spicy Chicken burger (Rs. 390 alone, Rs. 590 in the meal) and the King Rice (Rs. 280). We tried the spicy chicken and it compares favorable to the McSpicy and the Burger's King chicken range (though its hard to tell as one is rarely sober eating the latter). It ain't cheap but it's a good sized hunk of chicken, a bit sinewy in our experience but that may be irregular.

Burger King Colpetty  Fries

Their fries are generally huge and quite toothsome.


The outdoor balcony The outdoor balcony

The Colpetty location is quite nice, especially the upstairs. Upstairs there's a kids play area (didn't get to try it out) and a large balcony overlooking the street. Aside from no-horning day that stretch of Galle Road is a bit loud, but it is nice to sit out.

They have all the regular fast-food seating downstairs. The booths are comfy.

Burger King Colpetty Street

The sign says drive-thru but it's not really that. You can park and they bring your food to the car. There isn't that much parking though, room for about two cars on the street and four on the side.


Burger King Colpetty  Window

The chaps are well trained and very nice. Fast and competent firstly, and also basically cheerful. I left my drink to go take photos upstairs and someone thought the table was cleared and threw it away. When I came back down, one of their staff noticed before I did and happily got me another drink. The value of a soft drink is really a few rupees, but they were nice about my experience as a customer, which is what counts.


Burger King Colpetty Outdoor Seating

A well run Burger King franchise with a nice location (second floor balcony) in Colpetty. They also have interesting local options like spicy chicken and rice now.


They have nice outdoor seating upstairs.


283 Galle Road, Colombo 3


It's on Galle Road just across from the Hotel Renuka and on Mile Post Avenue. If you're heading north on Galle Road (you have to, one way) it's just past Abdul Cafoor Mawatha. From Marine Drive your last chance to merge up is 17th Ave or Sellamuttu Ave.


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Open 10 AM to 11 PM, open till Midnight Sat/Sun

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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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Burgers Submarines


American Fast Food

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