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Burger Queen

No. 98, Sri Saranankara Road, Kalubowila, Dehiwala

If you thought you'd tried the entire local burger monarchy, think again, cause we just found Burger Queen. It may not blow your mind, but they've got some interesting additions along with the usual favourites.

If you thought you knew all the burger royalty, think again. We just found Burger Queen. It may not blow your mind, but they've got some interesting additions along with the usual favs. It's on Saranankara Rd, in Dehiwala.

The Burgers

Up until last week we honestly thought we'd covered all the Burger's King clones in and around Colombo, but lo and behold we found yet another in Burger Queen. Just looking through the menu we could tell that this was more or less entirely inspired by the success of the King, with favourites like the chicken charly and the cordon blue available along with some interesting additions like the chicken fanan (which we aren't sure is available at the former). Prices too are nearly identical with all of the burgers priced between Rs. 180 - Rs. 350. This comes with a side of fries which leave much to be desired.

We started with the odd one out in the menu, the chicken fanan (Rs. 240). We weren't really expecting much but this was actually pretty decent. The chicken itself was cooked very well with just slightest moistness, prepared somewhat similar to Tandoori chicken, minus the charred taste. The cheese was just okay, nothing special but not glaringly horrible either. The bun was also not too shabby, soft but a bit soggy from the mayo.

Next we tried out the double beef burger (Rs. 280). This was also comparable to Burger's King and Burger Hut. The patty was grilled with a good mix of spices and an emphasis on the pepper. The rest of the elements were pretty much the same as the last, which we suspect is the case with the rest of the burgers as well. All things considered Burger Queen does a pretty decent take on Lankanized burgers.

Ambience & Service

You could say the ambience at Burger Queen is truly unique. It's basically a garage with some blue, red and yellow slapped on. The best part has to be the seats, or rather the tiny plastic stools and tables. There's a good chance these may have been stolen from a nearby kindergarten (jk).

When we initially walked in to Burger Queen, the place seemed deserted, except for one dude sleeping on a chair with a cap over his head. As soon as we stepped in to the shop, the man was up and asking for our order. The service in general is fast and friendly, and from what we could see their kitchen seemed pretty clean.


Burger Queen isn't re-inventing our local ghetto burgers. While we can't really speak for consistency, their stuff wasn't half bad.


Try the chicken fanan


No. 98, Sri Saranankara Road, Kalubowila, Dehiwala


Burger Queen is on Saranankara Rd before Sumandisi bakers, just past the Anjaneyar Temple turn off.


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Open 10.00 AM - 11.00PM


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Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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