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Fazly's Halal Refreshment

1, Vellons Passage, Colombo 2

Fazly's Halal Refreshment is one of Colombo's most popular streetside haunts, known for their delicious, mayo dripping, affordable fare.

Burger's King has for a long time now been serving up quality, delicious burgers at their Slave Island headquarters. They've grown over the years from a little streetside stop to an extremely efficient restaurant-ish takeaway joint, with even a little seating space indoors. The burgers are still tasty and affordable.

The Food

These aren't your average McD type burgers - the maestros in the Burger's King kitchen have a very interesting take on average meats, what with customer favourites like the charley and the cordon bleu. We got the chicken cordon bleu, an obligatory purchase for me, the chicken gammon steak burgers, and then for fun, the butter prawn burger. The best thing about these guys is the burgers are still cheap even though the place got big - the burgers are generally in the Rs. 250-300 range, and all of this with fries cost us only Rs. 970. 

The chicken cordon bleu remains one of my favourites. The rumours are true though - though the burgers are the same size, and the bread is still good, they are not as ridiculously stuffed as they once used to be, dripping over your hands as you try to hold it intact. So the portions of the fillings are definitely smaller now (ah the common tragedy of places that make it big), but still it has to be said, the burgers are tasty regardless. The chicken cordon bleu is basically chicken breast in roasted skin and melted cheese and mayo - soft and delicious. 

The chicken gammon steak burger features a thick, smoked chicken patty slathered with mayo and the likes. The meat is tender and tasty, and compared to the other burgers this one is less exciting, but still very filling. 

Our butter prawn burger was the most interesting of the lot. These fat prawns are deep fried in batter and then coupled with cheese, mayo and a spicy-sweet sauce - if you like seafood, this is one of those very rare times that a seafood burger actually works. As you can see from the pictures, the Burger's King french fries are no big deal anymore - good for the munchies but generally just fried in oil in a hurry. 

Ambience & Service

Burger's King opens its gates at about 5.00PM and goes at it till late in the night, an extremely popular spot on the corner of the Malay Street ghetto. The menu and description of meals are plastered all over its red and yellow walls, so it's easy to immediately make your order over the counter before you get it a few minutes later. 

Right next to the counter is now also this chicken roasting station, where you can get a shawarma wrapped up for you hot-hot. Service is very good, as it has always been, with your order coming to you very fast and especially if you're a repeat offender at the joint, the waiters will know you and greet you on sight. 

Burger's King is mostly a take-away place - often you find people driving by in their cars, rolling down their shutters, and picking up their dinner. Occasionally you get a few boys sitting around in plastic chairs outdoors. But now, just two kades before the main counter on Malay Street, is an exclusive Burger's King seating space, i.e. one very long corridor of plastic furniture. 


Burger's King is one of the few places in Colombo remaining that still produces distinct, delicious fare at a cheap rate. The burger stuffing has reduced for sure, but we're crossing our fingers and hoping they don't get any lesser and compromise quality. For now, they're still going strong, so if you're in Slave Island or out at night looking for a very tasty, cheesey snack, we'd recommend these guys. 


Get either the Charley or Cordon Bleu burger. Take-away recommended.


1, Vellons Passage, Colombo 2


You'll find it right at the junction of Malay Street and Church Street, very near the Slave Island railway station.


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Open 5.00PM to 1.00AM

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Beef Chicken Burgers Submarines Shawarma


Fast Food

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