Burning Bird Rotisserie

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A concept kitchen by Bavarian, specialised in chicken-centric dishes.

A concept kitchen by the German food hub in Colombo - the Bavarian German Restaurant, Burning Bird Rotisserie crafts up some incredibly flavoursome chicken wings, smothered with a range of interesting, homemade sauces. They deliver through third-party apps, but you can also arrange a PickMe Flash if you're not within their usual delivery range.


Their wings are available in 3,6 and 12-size portions, and we tried three flavours - Bourbon & BBQ Wings (Rs. 380 for 3), Spicy Mango (Rs. 690 for 6) and Atomic Jalapeño & Sriracha Wings (Rs. 380 for 3).

Aside from wings, they also do roast chicken (full/half/quarter), and a bunch of sides. 

Kicking off with a swirl of sweetness and ending with a teeny tiny boozy kick, the Bourbon & BBQ Wings were a delight. The meat itself had a nice crisp from the outside, while the inside was juicy and fall-off-the-bone soft. The perfect marination ensured that the flavours could reach the most inner layers of the meat. 

A local twist on chicken wings, these Spicy Mango Wings were sticky, messy, and so damn delicious. They seem to have been marinated in a well-spiced up, cooked mango puree, which created a well-balanced, sweet and sour ensemble.

Glazed to high heaven with a spicy mix of jalapeño and sriracha, these wings can make a grown man cry. Not gonna lie, I licked this plate clean because I couldn't get enough of it. It's the bomb, you guys, and if you can handle spicy food, this is a must try. 

We also tried a Chicken & Egg Fried Rice (Rs. 330). Well seasoned and plentiful with bits of chicken and eggs, it was one tasty fried rice. 


We're super impressed by these saucy chicken treats. All these, with delivery, was only Rs. 1910, which makes it absolutely value for money. If you've got beer, this is where your wings at.


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