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CAFÉ 6|8

3D, Railway Avenue, Nugegoda

A new cafe adjoining The Bera Store in Nugegoda.

CAFÉ 6|8 is the tiniest cafe we've ever seen, after Sugarcube. Perched on the first floor of The Bera Store, they fill the void of one of the most anticipated needs in Nugegoda town - good coffee, along with some delicious food, while being unbelievably budget friendly.
Our First Look here was simple, yet pretty great, which is why Buddhika and I were excited to go back for the full review.

Food & Drinks

The food here is priced under Rs. 400, and as for drinks, it starts at Rs. 60, and goes up to Rs. 300. We spotted a bunch of Lankan staples - like pol roti and rice & curry, all time favourites like Maggi seasoned in different ways, and a few other snacks - burgers, subs and chicken wings. You can click on the View Menu button on the top left corner of this review for the full menu.

At just Rs. 320, this Pol Roti With Pork Curry is a good deal. There were four pol roti halves, and a generous serving of pork.

While it was mostly flour and less pol (scraped coconut), the rotis had a nice crunch to them, which we really enjoyed. The marination of the pork curry was spot on. Peppery, with a subtle sourness drawn from goraka (Malabar tamarind), the meat was cooked well, and wonderfully soft.

It was mostly meaty bits, and less fatty cuts, and yet I, who irks the latter loved both the same, as they had this beautiful, crisped up texture. We assume that they toss the meat onto a pan before curry-ing it up. 

Aside from pol roti, they offer the same excellent curry with egg rice, roast paan, and Maggi.

They do rice & curry for lunch, and we went with the Chicken Biriyani (Rs. 190).

Well, it didn't look like a biriyani, nor it tasted like one, but it was flavoursome in a different way. Comprised of well-curried up chicken, seasoned rice and a heart-shaped bulls eye egg, the whole thing was an aromatic affair. This here, is a solid Saffron Rice, we tell ya! 
The side of French Fries (Rs. 300) was a tad dissapointing though. It was soggy, tasted slightly raw, and the seasoning was quite off.

CAFÉ 6|8 does a strong Latte (Rs. 280), almost like a cappuccino using the Arabica coffee by Coffea Ceylon. However, their Cappuccino is a lot stronger. I have been ordering it for quite some time now, and it gives me the morning boost I need every once in a while.

This one is milkier and frothier, while the bold notes of espresso kick through.

The Iced Milo (Rs. 200) was a light, Milo-packed, refreshing treat.

Ambience & Service

Like we mentioned previously, it's tiny. They've arranged the space in a manner that can handle around eight people at a time.

We have no complaints regarding their service either. It was fast and helpful.


This is your one-spot for coffee and food under a budget, if you're in Nugegoda. We highly recommend.

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