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Café at One (Platinum One Suites)

1, Bagatalle Rd, Colombo 03

The cafe at Platinum One Suites that does superb rice & curry.

Café at One resides inside Platinum One Suites - a venture by One Hospitality Management who introduced the apartment-suite concept to Colombo. The cafe lies on the ground floor of the building, and it serves as an excellent choice for your daily lunching and snacking needs if you're in the area.  

Food & Drinks

We visited them on a Sunday, and the options were limited to rice & curry, a few short eats, juices and milkshakes. However, according to their Facebook page, they seem to have more snacks and cakes on weekdays. 

At Rs. 250 a plate, they offer a solid rice & curry deal. You have the option of choosing the type of rice you want - red/white, the protein - chicken/fish/egg, and they'd give you five veg curries to accompany them. 

My mother ordered the Fish Rice & Curry. The curries on the menu were beetroot, dhal, polos (baby jackfruit), beans, thalapath (sailfish), tempered potato and papadum

It was like a plateful of spices that Sri Lanka is well known for. The tempered potato wasn't too oily and had a dash of chilli flakes and cardamom, while the dhal curry was milky and well-infused with a handful of curry leaves which helped to improve the flavour and aroma both. 

With shades of pink spreading through, the polos curry was oozing out with a nice peppery hit, and it was our favourite. The fish curry was cooked to be in the milky side, yet had a delightful curry flavour. 

Both beetroot and beans did a good job easing up the spicy punch in the curries. All these paired really well with the fluffy white rice. A fresh crunch from a carrot/cucumber sambol would have made it even better. 

My plate of Chicken Rice & Curry shared the same flavoursome veg curries while replacing the piece of fish with chicken. The chicken was soaked in a spicy gravy infused with goraka (Malabar tamarind), yet had a tough exterior, but the inside was all juicy and soft. However, we wish if the chicken piece was a little bit bigger than this. Café at One makes freshly squeezed juices, and our Watermelon Juice (Rs. 160) didn't disappoint. It was refreshing but could have used a bit more watermelon-y kick in it. However, it worked out quite well as a palate cleanser after gobbling down all that spiciness. 

We weren't in the mood for any coffee, but you should know that they serve Dallmayr coffee here. 

Ambience & Service

The space here isn't much. It's quite cramped up really, so it wouldn't be your best pick to hang out. But, given that it's more of a quick-grab-and-go kinda setup, this gets the job done. 

Our server was quite helpful and happy to make recommendations whenever we need any. 


We're quite impressed by our experience at Café at One. It's a superb option for a quality meal around Kollupitiya area, that gives your money's worth. From what we gathered, they've got some good Sri Lankan breakfast items too, which we're excited to try out in our next visit. 


1, Bagatalle Rd, Colombo 03



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