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Cafe Domus

3 Galle Face Court 2, Colombo 3

Domus is a small cafe across from the Galle Face Hotel. It does tasty food in a pretty chill atmosphere. It's not super cheap, but not super expensive either.

Cafe Domus is a little eatery across from the Galle Face Hotel, inside Galle Face Court (2). The food is simple but pretty good and the prices aren't that bad. It's attached to a decoupage explosion of an interior design shop.

The Location And Ambience

The main thing about Cafe Domus is where it is. Domus is tucked into Galle Face Court 2 (across from the Galle Face Hotel). This lovely, historical building has amazing apartments above and a few somewhat random stores below. There are ancient travel agencies, and ancient tailors and Domus and The Bavarian representing the modern world. 

The interior of Domus is interesting to say the least. The space is divided into two - one part is a small cafe and the other is an interior design store.

The store is from the more-is-more school of design and they seem to specialize in decoupage (literally 'of cuttings'), which is the art of cutting paper or other materials and gluing them to other materials. They have a lot of mirrors and tables and stuff like that, seeming to hover around the Rs. 7,500+ range, but we only had a glance.

This means that the tables in the restaurant itself are quite lush.

The dining area is quite small, but it's got personality and it's comfy.

The Food

I wasn't expecting much from the food, and I was quite happy to be wrong. Asked for a recommendation and the guy there said the Jaffna-style mutton perratu was popular. A bit expensive at Rs. 950, but I gave it a try. It doesn't look like much on the plate, but this biriyani type dish was bursting with flavor and spice. It came with just a bit of onion salad and mango chutney, but that was all you needed. It was delicious, full of mutton, and quite a hefty portion. I actually took half of it home and made another dinner out of it.

Domus seems like a place a tired tourist would stumble into, so I tried a papaya juice (Rs. 200). Two hundred rupees is sadly a fair price for a papaya juice in this town, and this was a good one, refreshing and not too much sugar. If I'd stopped there my bill would have been Rs. 1150. Less than $10 for a tourist, so not bad.

I wanted to try some more stuff so I had the recommended wattalapan (Rs. 375). This was merely all right. I don't like wattalapan on a good day, but I found this one a bit earthy and not sweet enough. But note that I'm not a good judge of wattalapan and usually get mine free around Muslim holidays. Again the portion size was double what one person would require.


I was the only person there so had no shortage of service. They were all quite nice and attentive, and could give recommendations which I appreciated. 


Domus is a random and kinda nice place to eat in Galle Face Court. Their rice was good and we suspect the shepherd's pie, fish and chips and other offerings would be as well. They also have lamprais and short-eats next door. It's not super expensive and, all in all, Cafe Domus is a good place to refresh yourself around Galle Face.


There's a shop next door with decoupage (paper and things glued onto boxes, tables, trays, etc).


3 Galle Face Court 2, Colombo 3


Domus is directly opposite Galle Face Hotel at the Galle Face roundabout. If driving, go round the roundabout, past Domus and Bavarian and there's a parking lot.


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