Cafe Guru

11, Wellawaya Road, Ella

Cafe Guru in Ella is a pretty spot that dishes up some good pizza, and also hosts cookery classes.

There is a cafe around every corner in Ella, so you won't ever find yourself short of options for food. Also, all the cafes in Ella are restaurants, they're just called cafes to appeal to the large tourist population. 

People are constantly milling about in town, and towards the evenings; all the cafes are packed to the square inch with people frolicking and chatting away. The scene is hip, the music is of the party variety and the waiters can get a bit too friendly. Still, I suppose it's all a part of the charm Ella has to offer. 

What sets Cafe Guru apart, is the beautiful ambience and polite service. Oh, and the pizza as well. All the cafes in Ella have absolutely nailed the art of pizza, so you can never be disappointed. Sure it ain't no Giovanni's, but it's close enough. Enough of the chitchat, let's talk fooooood. 

Food & Drinks 

We're actually supposed to check out more food options than just a single pizza, but it was late, raining, unbearably cold and inconvenient. The seating area is an open space so you get a lot of ventilation and chattering teeth thanks to Ella's mercilessly icy breezes. 

Here is the Hawaiian Delight. It's a simple pie, topped with chicken bacon, pineapple and lots of mozzarella cheese. The crust is perfectly crisp and thin thereby contributing to the overall gooey and chunky texture of the pizza. 
The amount of marinara in this is very light, which I appreciate. It acted as a subtle enhancer as opposed to a harsh solitary component, so there's that sweet tinge from the tomato to go along with the pineapple. Yum. 

The pizza is made to order so you can expect a steaming, fresh pie at your table in about 20 minutes. I know that's a bit of a wait, but it's worth it in the end. Costs Rs. 1180.
Here's a tip: don't smoke. 
We got a pot of Ginger Tea (Rs. 450) while we waited for the pizza. Each pot is enough for four servings which is more than enough ginger tea in one sitting. A good thing about Ella is that you'll usually find that flavoured teas are brewed fresh, rather than the sad and insipid tea bag most restaurants are all too familiar with.

The tea was excellent, with just the right amount of ginger infused into it. The colour was strong, and the taste just as. Oh, and you'll know it's freshly brewed when you greedily tilt the teapot too far down, and all the tea leaves+ginger chunks come plunging into your cup. Don't do that. 

Service & Ambience 

The service here is polite and fast. Unless you've ordered a pizza, that is. Our waiter was all smiles and accommodating when we made a special request to be seated by the balcony. 
Apologies for the extra-dark photograph. This was taken at night, and while I tried to capture as much as I could, the dim lighting was relentless in its refusal to reveal anything at all. 

The ambience is beautiful with wooden chairs and tables, and lots of colourful decorations carefully placed here and there. There's a fireplace you can sit and chat by. While the stone tables and chairs by the balcony are capable of freezing your bum off, it's still a nice spot to chill at.


Definitely try out Cafe Guru when you go. The pizza is good, the place is pretty, and if you're into this: they offer cookery classes at Rs. 2000 per head. 


Take cash with you.


11, Wellawaya Road, Ella


It's about 15 metres from town. Walk past the lone thambili stand and you should see it on your right. It's located uphill.


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