Cafe Hula Hula (Galle)

29B, Rampart Street, Galle Fort, Galle

Cafe Hula Hula near the ramparts of Galle Fort serves good kottu, tasty seafood, and - yay! - we found great eclairs here.

We came across Cafe Hula Hula quite randomly, wandering down Rampart street in Galle Fort. It's a little shop that serves a random assortment of short-eats and meals - they've got some of the best eclairs ever, and we also liked their grilled prawns.

The Food

It looked like they had everything, from rice and curry to club sandwiches and seafood. There are a lot of little eateries like this down the same street.


The club sandwiches we got were pretty decent, for Rs. 550. If you're really hungry and want a quick fix then this is a good way to do it - it comes with layers of chicken, beef egg and veggies, and the fries were alright.


We also got a massive plate of grilled jumbo prawns for Rs. 1000. This was actually pretty yummy - the prawns were jumbo as promised, juicy and well seasoned. After the first round of demolishing them we picked at the prawns again looking to wipe them clean, which is obviously a sign of a tasty dish. We've heard the cheese kottu here is supposed to be good, so try that out.

I apologize but I don't have a picture of the eclairs here. We got two (Rs. 80 each) and they were awesome - they use real chocolate in the filling unlike lazy bakeries who just use icing.

Service & Ambience


It's a little shop in front of the rampart, with a little crowd of wooden furniture. Service was fast.


Cafe Hula Hula is a decent place to stop by for a quick meal. It's relatively affordable as well, compared to other places in the Galle Fort.


Eat all the eclairs!


29B, Rampart Street, Galle Fort, Galle


It's just where Rampart Street meets Pedlar Street, opposite the rampart.


Open 8:00AM to 10:00PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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