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Café La Défense (Bambalapitiya)

No. 10, Kotelawala Avenue, Colombo 04

Café La Défense has a new outlet in Bambalapitiya, down Kotelawala Avenue.

The cosy, little bistro down Park Road, Café La Défense recently opened their new branch, with a bigger, better space in Bambalapitiya. 


Café La Défense's menu is pretty extensive, plus, it's really affordable. There are tons of stuff here that you can get under Rs. 600. 

We went ahead with the Signature Sandwich (Rs. 750), and a Honey Waffle (Rs. 300). 

Served with the sides of crispy French fries and tomato ketchup, it was well-stuffed, sesame garnished submarine bun. Let's have a closer look at its cross-section. 

Stacked with chicken, cheese, onions, tomato, cucumber, chicken ham and egg, it had a lot going on. The chicken was given a pepper twist, the cucumber and onions added good crunch, while the tomato gave that juicy, tangy flavour. Soft, but a little crispy from outside, the bun was lovely too. This is a very filling snack to start your day with. 

A bit on the doughy side, the Honey Waffle is served with bees honey on the side. It had a nice crisp to the outside and wasn't too sweet in terms of flavour, so you can adjust the sweetness to your preference with the bee honey. At Rs. 300, it comes with two sizeable waffles, which is a solid offering. 

Our dessert was a Double Chocolate Cheesecake (Rs. 450). A little tough in texture, probably because it was sitting on a freezer for a while, it was topped off with a drizzle of chocolate sauce. 

Chocolatey, yet a bit too sweet for our liking, this piece of cheesecake didn't exactly show the creaminess that one would expect from a cheesecake. However, we quite enjoyed the biscuit base, mingled with the chocolate bits. 


Our drinks order was comprised with a Ferrero Rush (Rs. 830), and a Cappuccino (Rs. 400 for L). 

Lavished with Ferrero Rocher, and chocolate ice cream whisked together with milk, this was just what we needed to get over a hot day in Colombo. The nutty bits emerging through its fluffy surface make this chocolatey heaven even more interesting.

Drizzled with chocolate sauce, and served with a blob of whipped cream and a Ferrero Rocher ball, it could be your anything - the drink, the dessert, or probably the worst enemy - if you're diabetic or trying to lose a couple of pounds. 

Café La Défense uses Mokasirs - a premium Italian blend for their coffee-based drinks. The Cappuccino we tried wasn't exactly razzle-dazzle, but not entirely bad. It sure packed a punch from coffee, but they could've easily created a better version of it by making the milk more creamy and putting an effort with some Cappuccino art. 

Service & Ambience

The friendly staff at Café La Défense will make sure to welcome you as you step into the restaurant, and be helpful with your order as well. We got the leftovers of the cheesecake as a takeaway, which we forgot and left, but they were kind enough to bring it to our vehicle before even we realised. 

Tucked away and secluded down Kotelawala Avenue, this place boasts a very home-like vibe, mainly because it is, in fact, a house flipped into a restaurant. Needless to say, it's much spacious than their parent branch.

You can either sit down on the couch like you do in your living room at home, or you can choose the seating area in the room next to it - which is what we did. It is an ideal setup if you want to leave you off for your thoughts while enjoying your meal. Not so shabby for a casual coffee date too. 


Much like our experience at their Park Road branch, we are delighted by our experience at the new Café La Défense. Their sandwiches and shakes are still great, coffee isn't all bad, and in comparison to most cafes in town, they're pretty affordable. 

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The Hazelnut frappe and spicy chicken sandwich were amazing!! The prawn pasta was a tad bit under cooked but had great flavours. The prices were reasonable and staff was really friendly!





The Hazelnut frappe and spicy chicken sandwich were amazing!! The prawn pasta was a tad bit under cooked but had great flavours. The prices were reasonable and staff was really friendly!

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