Cafe Orange Peel

1A, Duplication Road, Bambalapitiya

Cafe Orange Peel is less of a cafe and more of a very sophisticated bath-kadey - it is a popular new stop for the working crowd in Bambalapitiya. Their rice and curry is top class and comes in epic portions.

Cafe Orange Peel is currently undergoing renovations, so they're closed till further notice. 

Cafe Orange Peel is a very sophisticated bath-kadey and a popular new stop for the working crowd in Bambalapitiya. Their rice and curry is top class and comes in epic portions.

Service & Ambience


Orange Peel a very small cafe, with literally five stools and two small tables. The manager and waiters were nice and attentive, though there are times when they simply leave to the inner kitchen and there's nobody around in case you need something like cutlery or water. Most people stop by and do take-away - but if you come here at around 3PM after lunch hours it's empty, so you'll be able to take a seat with a friend (though they've run out of some short-eats and lassi at this time).


The view is not going to be so great though, since Duplication Road is in construction-mode lately.

The food


We weren't expecting much. But we have to say that their devilled chicken bun (Rs. 120), though unimpressive in looks, tasted delicious - it was hot and spicy, although the price was a little presumptuous.


The rice and curry for just Rs. 180 was amazing. The portions of rice and the sides were generous and it was overall very spicy and above your average office-takeaway. We were told they've got a skilled Indian chef who is responsible for this. I ate so much that at the end of it, I had two options: either suck in my belly till I got home or exploit the bump to get one of those 'seats for pregnant women' in the bus.


Our mango milkshake (Rs. 200) was tasty and not too thick thankfully. We also got a brownie with ice cream (Rs. 200) - the brownie wasn't worth it, but the Elephant House strawberry ice cream scoops were delicious with strawberry sauce slathered all over it. You're better off just getting the ice cream on its own for Rs. 150.

They also have the option of string hopper biriyani between 6PM and 9PM, and Indian chicken biriyani for lunch, for around Rs. 300. Also available are rotti and naan for about Rs. 30.


Cafe Orange Peel is one of the better places to stop by for lunch between work hours. Their rice and curry is delicious and affordable and it's well worth the visit just for that.


1A, Duplication Road, Bambalapitiya


It's past the Mothercare showroom, right opposite Ashik and Baskin Robbins.


Open 8.00AM to 9.00PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Rice And Curry

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