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Candy Cakes (CLOSED)

23, Rajagiriya Gardens, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya (Delivery)

This home baker does cake jars, and jars full of all kinds of candy.

Candy Cakes is another home baker that specializes in jars (our other favourite jar bakers are Bakes By Bella and The Sweet Tooth). What's different is that they also stuff jars full of candy.

More good news: they deliver, through Quickee (though there's nothing quick about Quickee - my order took almost two hours). 

The Stuff

We asked for an assortment of candy in one jar (Rs. 650), and a Fero-Choc cake jar (Rs. 560). This is a little pricey for a quick dessert, but jars are generally expensive, except for maybe The Sweet Tooth that does it for Rs. 250, but we think Candy Cakes brownies taste better. Candy Cakes has certain cake jars for Rs. 400 and candy ones for Rs. 280. 

Their cake jar menu is small with typical options like red velvet and strawberry shortcake. The Fero-Choc cake jar basically tastes like brownies and cream, except with sprinklings of Ferrero-Rocher biscuit on the top and in between. There isn't much of a strong Ferrero chocolate flavour in it, so it's like getting a jar of brownies and cream - totally delicious either way, and surprisingly we had enough to share between two though it was small in size. 

That was probably the fault of the candy jar though - we got full fast. You can customize your jar, and ours included sticky jelly beans, yummy gummy stars and twizzlers, and very sour sour-strips. This is a great jar to get for kids because of the colours and shapes, but just brace yourself for the sugar-rush afterwards - candy is what kids get drunk on (I can vouch for the fact that it turned three adults into hyperactive messes). 


Candy Cakes is a home baker that does good brownie jars and candy assortments, so they've definitely got our vote. So if you're looking for desserts and want it delivered to your door, these confectioners are worth considering. 


Brownies & cream for the win!


23, Rajagiriya Gardens, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya (Delivery)


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This place has closed down

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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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Sweets Cakes


Home Baker

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