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CASA Colombo

231 Galle Road, Bambalapitiya

Casa is a building as art, but better even than its nifty finishes is the fact that it’s WELL PRICED.

Our previous review was brimming with love for CASA and so is this one. This time around, we actually got a suite and spent a night there being general ballers, so got to experience the hospitality and decor from the inside. Casa is one of the coolest, quirkiest establishments in town, with an unashamedly strange and kitschy ambience that somehow comes together.


They have 12 suites, sectioned off into traveller suites, corporate suites, and the royal suite. Each is completely unique in design and furnishing, with unique pieces, colour schemes and architectural design. We stayed in the Chatham Street suite, a traveller suite at about 500 sea-grass carpeted square feet. It featured these lovely high ceilings with warped antique wood and a statement panelled wall. The traveller suites go for about USD 180 a night on a bed and breakfast basis.


It had a lovely waterfall shower and open-plan his & her cement sinks with bright pink lighting underlays. The queen size bed had some super plush pillows and the thread count was enough to feel like I was sleeping on cotton candy. I wasn't really feeling the checked duvet though, it seemed a bit farmhouse in the middle of all the exciting paradoxical interior genres.


The room had a fun mezzanine floor, with an office-lounge set up upstairs. It had a printer and HD TV with a whole selection of docks, players and bluetooth speaker sets, along with some pre-set CASA lounge mixes. We ordered a bottle of bubbly and they set it up on the couch upstairs next to a lovely orchid arrangement. There was an elegant Kandyan pettagama chest too, which opened up to reveal a fully-stocked mini bar(refer to album).

The stairs had these classy dim light panels embedded, and offset the sparkly wall adornments well. The artwork was notable for its mix of class and kitsch. Envision stunning black and white close ups of local village folk juxtaposed with a plastic set of lips that served as a phone.


The suite was totally equipped for any personal eventuality - wooden combs, conditioner, q-tips, band-aids, fluffy bathrobes and slippers et al. The rainwater shower was deliciously comfortable, and even had a little artsy cement seating thing for ultimate relaxation. I also enjoyed the neon purple phone and wall-attached note pad in the separate toilet. Clearly the suites come equipped for people who do their business while they do their business.

It was luxurious and fun, everything you'd want for an exciting stay in the city.


The hotel restaurant, HVN, is superbly odd in design. There's a massive mural of floating rishis on one end, bright yellow-gold baroque ceilings, elegant whitewashed pillars, delicate mosaic tiles, neon-lit panels, and soft golden lighting. It's delightful and surprising that it's somehow not at all garish or difficult on the eyes. If anything, it's superbly cool.


The menu isn't as exciting as the ambience sadly. We had breakfast there, which came down to an essential choice between Sri Lankan and American choices. We ordered a string hopper selection with beef curry and the works, along with a proper American breakfast. The Lankan was good if a bit lackluster, and the American (omelette, ham, sausage, mushrooms) a bit bland and boring. I've had rather nice dinners here though, so maybe breakfast isn't their forte, or it's really just meant for foreign palates.



The service at both the bar and the hotel strike a healthy balance of attentive and discreet. Each of the rooms has a personal concierge, whose extension and personal number will be provided to you at check in. We've always felt well cared for, and the staff seems comfortable with the menu and the settings. Whatever you do though, do not order the jello shots at ZAZA. Ever.


General Ambience

Our previous review touched upon the hotel's ambience and their delightful pool quite a bit so I won't get into it again.


CASA is delightful. It's about the same price as a 5 star city hotel chain like the Cinnamons or Hilton, and way more fun. You'll also be right in the heart of the city, and get personalized service and a unique stay. If you already live in CMB, it's a wonderful weekend getaway.


At Casa you can get a pot of coffee for Rs. 200 (enough for two or three people). You also get a beautiful tea service - cream, biscuits, spices for 200, curd and honey for Rs 150. The rhubarb crumble is good.


231 Galle Road, Bambalapitiya


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