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Caterina Pizzeria

No. 11, Rheinland Place, Colombo 03

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Caterina Pizzeria whips up some superb thin-crust pizza from a wood-fired oven.

A crispy crust combined with melted cheese, sauce and topped off with almost anything that you can think of, pizza is one of the best things in life. Which is why we get slightly more excited than usual whenever we hear about a new pizza place in town. Especially when it's a spot that cooks thin-crust version of them from a wood-fired, clay oven.
Caterina Pizzeria is the newest addition to Colombo's growing pizza scene, which we had the pleasure of discovering through our new feature - "Now Serving". Located down Rheinland Place, they got a very spacious setup, plus it's BYOB and free of a corkage fee. 

The Pizza

Caterina's pizza menu is quite extensive. All the toppings they offer are neatly categorised under the type of meat/non-meat - Pollo (Chicken), Manzo (Beef), Acqua Fresca (Seafood), and Garden Fresh (Veg) etc. There's also a separate section for Sri Lankanised toppings, called Ape Gama

Given that we had the option, we went with two half-by-half pizzas. First up, we have the Mediterranea (Rs. 1600, Rs. 800 for half) and Gorgonzola (Rs. 1900, Rs. 950 for half) combo. 

Decorated with random charcoal bits, the crust of this pie gave a satisfying crunch. We quite enjoyed catching a whiff of blue cheese on the Gorgonzola pizza, and then savouring it. It is, in fact, their take on Quattro Formaggi - made with parmesan, blue cheese, mozzarella and one other kind of cheese which we were too busy eating to remember the name. The homemade tomato sauce provided a delightful tang, while the pieces of black olives worked its magic. 

The Mediterranea which was part tangy and part milky - flavours contributed by the homemade tomato sauce and buffalo mozzarella, respectively. This one resembles a Margherita pizza, but only better, especially with pieces of cherry tomato enrichening its overall taste. They promise a splash of pepper here, which spikes it up even more. A little more of that would have made been better. 

For our next pizza, we decided to go with the Devilled Kukul Mas and Manzo Smoked combo. However, what we received was the Spicy Kukul Mas (Rs. 1900, half Rs. 950) and Manzo Smoked (Rs. 2000, half Rs. 1000). Given that both toppings were well-executed, we didn't mind the muddle up. 

Caterina Pizzeria is quite generous with their toppings. Every inch of the Manzo Smoked was ladened with beautifully sliced, chewy pieces of smoked beef, while the Spicy Kukul Mas was actually spicy with lots and lots of green chillies, onions and of course, chicken. The whole pie was covered with bits of bell pepper. Not only they provided a good crunch, but they also added some colour to it. 

Every bite we took was well-packed with meaty goodness, harmonised with homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella. Out of the two pizzas, this one was our favourite. 

Ambience & Service

Every room in this establishment has beautiful pictures of Italy hanging on the walls, is named after its cities and caters to different encounters. Family dinner out, friends catching up, going solo or a casual pizza date - the interior here accommodates and welcomes everyone. This one is ideal for podi private functions too - they have three separate rooms to serve that purpose. 

We chose the Venice room and I must say, we quite enjoyed sitting on that cosy sofa as we dove into slice after slice. 

The service has room for improvement. Aside from the muddle up of the pizza toppings, our waiter lacked the knowledge about what's on the menu. However, he was happy to run back and forth to the kitchen to give answers to our concerns. 


We take pizza very seriously and we liked experiencing Caterina Pizzeria. They've got some interesting toppings, and we appreciate that they don't skimp on them. If you're looking for a slice of Italy around Kollupitiya, perhaps with a glass of wine of your choosing, this is the safest bet. 


Try the Spicy Kukul Mas pizza.

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