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Ceylon Pure

An online boutique that specialises in organic spices, rice and coconut products.

Ceylon Pure is a brand that specialises in organic, locally-sourced food products; mainly coconut and rice. Their aim is to provide a sustainable income to local farmers by introducing these locally sourced products to an international market.

The Spreads

How didn't we think of this earlier? Ditch the Nutella and peanut butter and Lankanize your breakfasts today!

The Kithul spread: Cocotrella has a smooth, thick and rich consistency. It spreads like a dream on sliced bread and tastes purely of, well, kithul. I can imagine this being a perfect accompaniment to slices of green apple. 

The Cashew spread: Cashewtrella has a grainier, rougher texture that'll definitely pierce through an innocent slice of white bread but that's how life is. It's packed with cashew bits and is more or less the same as peanut butter except with cashews. I have to remark that is tastes exactly like 'thala' balls (sesame and jaggery balls).  

How does one obtain these spreads?

Well they function through a web-based platform. You'll have to visit their site to check out what you want*. They have this option called 'Buy Now' and that'll take you to a picture of a happy white mum and daughter duo. Next to them is a list of vendors you can place the order through. 
They're still developing their local website though so in the meantime you can find these goods at the Good Market, Branas, Premasiri, Laughfs etc.
*Do check out their plethora of spices and rices (slightly expensive, but oh well).

How much do they cost?

Pricing is super-sketchy on Amazon as whenever I tried checking they're always out of stock. According to their OpenSky page the price is as follows:

What can I do with these?

I don't know man, you do whatever you want. Spread it on bread, make a Motha Jelly and Cashewtrella sandwich. Make Kithul-roasted chicken. Dip biscuits into the stuff and enjoy with a glass of plain tea. It's all up to you.

Useless review. Stick to making food videos.

Okay thanks, I'll consider it.


All in all, I think it's great that these guys are putting our resources on the map. If you're waltzing down the earth-child route then they're a good place to get your groceries. Everything is organic, gluten free etc. Bon appetit!

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