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Ceylon Tea Moments

Racecourse Complex, Reid Avenue, Colombo 7

Ceylon Tea Moments at the Racecourse building is a really underrated hangout spot - the service is great and the cooks are creative.

Ceylon Tea Moments at the Racecourse building is a really underrated hangout spot - the service is great and the cooks are creative.



I never knew there were so many different kinds of tea and so many ways to make it. This place has a huge range of tea from all over the country, and the folks here in their open-kitchen play with flavour, sometimes mixing tea with the unlikeliest things like strawberry, cream and jelly. Sounds weird, but the stuff we tried was delicious and artfully presented.

3 Dimbulla tea

We ordered a Dimbulla tea (Rs. 300) on the manager's recommendation, which was a nice mellow milky cup that's very popular among customers.

2 Strawberry frappuccino

We also got a strawberry frappuccino (Rs. 350) which interestingly had tea in it though it deceptively looked like a tall thick milkshake, and an ice-cream sandwich (Rs. 550) which included some chocolate ice cream, strawberry, cream, biscuit and even soft pieces of jelly on the side. A lot of coffee/tea places make their cappuccinos and frappuccinos too frothy or thick and heavy, and sweetness often isn't top priority -- but the strawberry frappuccino here tasted great, was light and creamy, and the tall glass was topped off with a lop of tasty cream.

6 Ice cream sandwich

The ice cream sandwich was beautifully presented and came in layers. The jelly and thick chocolate sauce were more than just decorative and complemented the dessert well.

Waffle with ice cream Waffle with ice cream

The menu includes a host of Sri Lankan and Western cuisine as well - although more on the high end for about Rs. 1000 a plate. The main attractions are the tea-mocktails and other tea related concoctions, the very creative desserts, and notably the crab sandwich which many visitors have complimented. And yes, the food is halal -- the manager specifically asked us to notify our readers.

Crab sandwich Crab sandwich

Service & Ambiance


The manager is extremely attentive to his customers and the waiters have been trained to be particularly hospitable too. The restaurant, with tables set in a fine-dining sort of way, manages to be both classy and yet warm and cosy, mostly in the daytime with the light streaming through the huge glass window onto dark green and brown furniture.


The tables are surrounded by tea (which people sometimes buy in bulk) and tea paraphernalia.


The best seats are next to the windows as the tables are lower there and the seating more cushiony.


Ceylon Tea Moments is a comfy place for tea-lovers that combines good service with innovative creations. The main meals are a bit pricey but for an early evening out with friends, quality considered, it's a great spot for dessert, tea and some quiet.


They open bright and early at 7 AM, making it a good breakfast venue. Also the professionalism and ambiance makes us think it would be ideal for business lunches as well.


Racecourse Complex, Reid Avenue, Colombo 7


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This place has closed down


Western Sri Lankan

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Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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