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Ceylon Tea Moments

Racecourse Complex, Reid Avenue, Colombo 7

Ceylon Tea Moments at the Racecourse building is a really underrated hangout spot - the service is great and the cooks are creative.

Images taken by Rukman

Tea Moments is a new tea hotspot (they seem to be springing up everywhere suddenly) at the Racecourse 2 complex. Looking at Colombo’s tea bar/café/spot scene, it is clear that they market to an older audience (any ideas why?). This one is no different. However, it is more affordable than most tea and coffee shops in the city.


Walking by, you’d think it was a fine dining restaurant, which was what piqued our curiosity. It was dimly lit, and the ceiling was eye catching - gold leaves hung prettily from it. Very arty. We actually asked them whether they serve snacks before sitting down. The seats are plush and wing backed, and the tables are arranged properly, napkins folded in fans and all. There is an open kitchen concept here on one side of the restaurant, and the other end has ready to sell tea packages. There’s also an upper floor. There weren’t many people, and it’s pretty quiet, giving the restaurant an air of privacy and calm.


The menu is a vast one. If you are indecisive (like me), it might take you quite some time to choose. They have almost everything- proper western cuisine, Sri Lankan cuisine, a breakfast menu, snacks and desserts. And obviously, a huge tea section- tea shakes, tea frappes, tea mocktails, good old blended tea etc etc. My decision was made easier when they said the main courses were only available at lunch, and that since it was near closing time, I could only order from the snacks section.

We had a Cinnamon Tea Shake (Rs.300) which was cinnamon tea with ice cream, and a peach sensation (Rs.300) which was peach iced tea. Unfortunately both were on the intense side, the former being too spicy and the latter being too sweet. Since this is the main focus area of the restaurant, they may need to tone it down a bit (offer sugar syrup separately maybe?), but since this was only their 2nd day in operation, I’m sure they’ll be able to tweak and improve with customer feedback.

The food exceeded expectations. My friends crab godamba roti (Rs.200) was one of the most beautifully presented dishes I’ve seen- it was a work of art, especially when we were ready for a regular stuffed flat roti on a plate. It had dabs of sauces around the plate, and well, just check the picture out. There was so much crab meat that it was falling out of the roti. My spicy mutton roast paan sandwich (Rs.100) didn’t disappoint either. Slightly bland, but sans fattening sauces, it had fresh and crunchy veggies along and was tasty.

At those prices, the value for money being high is a no brainer. Can’t wait to try out their lunch menu!


The staff here was very friendly and professional, making pleasant and intelligent conversation. They even got my warm water request -not hot, just a little warm- perfect, unlike most places who pour you a glass of boiling water. The restaurant is owned/run by Sri Lankan Catering and the Sri Lanka Tea Board.


They open bright and early at 7 AM, making it a good breakfast venue. Also the professionalism and ambiance makes us think it would be ideal for business lunches as well.


Racecourse Complex, Reid Avenue, Colombo 7


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