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Letter Earthlings

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Letter Earthlings are a group who love writing letters, receiving letters, and most importantly spreading happiness and love through the power of letter writing.

Colloquially known as snail mail because of its unhurried pace and the length of time it takes for the postman to deliver it, the art of letter writing was a delightful custom long before technology took over the world. When was the last time you received a letter in the mail? Not bills or marketing material, but an actual stamped envelope addressed to you? Once upon a time, that's how people who were separated by distance stayed in touch - they wrote letters.

Perhaps this is why Nivendra Uduman started Letter Earthlings... To resurrect the dying art of letter writing. 

While he was in India studying, Nivendra stumbled upon a community called 'Moved By Love' whose aim is to share inspiration through acts of kindness. This inspired him to share some kindness with total strangers. He would leave little handwritten notes of encouragement for people to find. The contents of the notes included snippets of hope, goodwill and love.  That was the humble beginning of Letter Earthlings, which now has its presence in Dubai, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia and England, Kuwait, where Letter Earthling gatherings take place.

What happens at these events? You write letters. Letter Earthlings is a group of letter writing enthusiasts who like to share their messages of goodwill and hope to the downtrodden and hopeless by putting pen to paper and then posting it to different people in need of this very special gift. If this sounds like something you would like to do, Letter Earthlings meets every last Sunday of the month at various locations. Meet like-minded people, sip tea or guzzle coffee, mingle over food while writing letters of hope to people in need of some sunshine in their dreary lives. 

You can ask Letter Earthlings to write to people you care about, or complete strangers who might need some sunshine in their lives and going through a rough patch in life. You can place your request through the Letter Earthling FB page by just clicking on the 'Contact Us' button. These requests will be made available at our letter writing gatherings so that people can write letters for those you've requested a letter for. 

Susan Lendroth  once said, “to write is human, to receive a letter: Divine!” So would you like to join the cause to write a letter? For more information contact Letter Earthlings and keep an eye for their events on FB.


Letter Earthlings meet at various locations to write letters


Colombo, Sri Lanka


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