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Chapati Man

No 71 A, Gregory's Road, Colombo 07

A UK based franchise that does chapati based wraps.

Being an inhabiter of Sri Lanka has a whole load of perks. Chapati being a staple is apparently one of them.  Nevertheless, chapati, though not necessarily a staple to most of us, is loved by many Lankans.

Chapati Man is a UK based restaurant that does -we heard- some pretty solid chapati based wraps. We decided to head over to Gregory's Road to find out. Here's how it went.


Gregory's Road is one of the nicer roads in Colombo. Giant trees, lazy amounts of traffic (excluding rush hours), it's decidedly one of the best roads to open up shop in. And that's exactly what Chapati Man did.

With enough seating space to accommodate around 8 people and loads of shade thanks to the giant tree in front, we pretty much loved it. The only qualm we had was with the fact that twigs and leaves kept falling into our food. But, then again, it's all part of the experience! woot-woot!

The Food  

Now, as the name suggests, the Chapati Man does Chapatis. Chapatis in the wrap-type model to be precise. They also do Kola Kenda and Ice cream but, we stuck to the main frame and ordered the only two options available that day on the menu. The Chicken Tikka (Rs. 150) and the Chana Aloo (Rs. 120). 

This is the Chicken Tikka. For Rs 150, it was alright. With quite a bit of chicken tikka pieces and onion, we can't really say it was bad. But, there's a lot of room for improvement.

For one, the Chapati kept falling apart so you couldn't really eat it as a wrap and the gravy kept drooling out of the wrap and on to the paper - which was pretty messy. While this wasn't necessarily your ideal "wrap", this would have been quite easy to eat if they were given the roti and the curry separately. 

And then came the Chana Aloo Wrap, which fell short of impressing us. It tasted like a really watery chickpea curry wrapped in a thin chapati roti. We could not locate the curry flavours of the chana.

Again, the roti was not strong enough to keep the filling intact, so we could see chickpeas rolling around our table. Since it was impossible to eat this one as a proper wrap, we had to eat it in the usual - break a piece off the roti, stuff them with the filling and then eat. 


In terms of service, they were quite good. The food was served immediately after ordering and they were pretty attentive.


We had seen all these wonderful reviews about it online, including this video (in which the Chana Aloo looks amazing!) and we were not quite happy with our experience during this First Look. Nevertheless, it's a very affordable option, plus, there's nothing that cannot be fixed over time. We hope to drop by Chapathi Man again for the full review, so stay tuned!


No 71 A, Gregory's Road, Colombo 07


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