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Chapati Man

No 71 A, Gregory's Road, Colombo 07

A UK based franchise that does chapati based wraps.

Chapathi Man comes all the way from UK, and does a range of chapathi wraps with different fillings. So, when they open up shop here, we were very interested in dropping by. They didn’t leave us particularly impressed during our First Look here, nevertheless, we returned with the expectation that this time they will deliver.

And did they deliver? Let's find out! 


As the name implies, they offer chapati wraps, but a little bit less thick variant of the roti than we are used to, enveloping a filling. At the moment, they have only two types of fillings and biryani, should you want something more of a full meal. They also have ice cream as per availability and kola kanda too. 

Aloo/Channa wrap is a veg variant (Rs. 150). With a filling that tasted like a well-seasoned chickpea curry, blended nicely with veggies like lettuce, onion and green chilis. It was mildly spicy, but the green chillies made up for it by providing an extra bit of heat. All the elements seemed quite fresh and didn’t have an overwhelming watery taste like the last time we were here. And the chapati roti was able to hold everything together without falling apart.

The Chicken Tikka (Rs. 150) had significantly improved in comparison to our last time here. It had a generous amount of chicken tikka in the filling that is well marinated, mixed in with plenty of onions. A bit hot, but somewhat subdued in the spices department, it still had a good taste and wasn't watery at all. We'd prefer a bit thicker roti though. 

We also tried the biriyani (Rs. 250), which came with two more chapati rotis and a chilli sauce on a yoghurt cup. The rice itself was well seasoned in spices and tasted good and not too oily. There was a generously sized chicken piece hiding underneath the rice, but it would have been even nicer if they served a whole boiled egg.

This was more of a Lankan flavoured one - had a stronger hint of turmeric and not the authentic Indian touch. All in all, it was alright. We ended up finishing the biryani quite fast and the chapati roti disappeared even quicker. 

Ambience & Service

They have picked a nice spot in the Gregory road, right next to DS Senanayake College shaded by a huge tree, and strangely enough, it feels like a bit of escape from the bustling traffic save for school time of course. 

Except for the leaves falling from the tree which is unavoidable, this space is well maintained. It wasn’t a lot, so we weren't bothered by it.

Ordering here is simple. You go up to the counter order and wait about 10 minutes until your food is done. The two guys manning the store were quite welcoming, attentive and politely answered questions we asked.


While they have improved since our the last time, it's not as if they have perfected it yet. But we feel like they will continue to improve and hopefully, they’ll have more variety of chapati wraps in the future. 


No 71 A, Gregory's Road, Colombo 07


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