The Chariot (World Trade Center)

East Tower, L4, World Trade Center, Colombo 1

There is a Chariot in the World Trade Center and it serves sushi.

There is a Chariot in the World Trade Center and it serves sushi.

Chariot, under new management, has changed its midrange short-eat/lunch outlets a lot. We liked the Dehiwala outlet a while ago, but in terms of changes its the World Trade Center outlet that's gone the furthest. For example, it serves sushi.

The Food

The usual rice and curries The usual rice and curries

This Chariot has the usual rice and curries (Rs. 150 up) and lamprais (Rs. 400), but it sets itself apart with its salad bar, sandwiches and sushi. Basically, with its healthy range.

The sushi The sushi

We tried the sushi, which is the most interesting thing. It's pretty good, we'll say that. We tried the Salmon Nigiri (Rs. 200), Tuna Temaki (Rs. 500), and Tuna Maki (Rs. 400). They use a mayonnaise wasabi sauce which is a bit different but not bad. The only thing is the price, which isn't significantly different than higher end Japanese places, like Nihonbashi, which do sushi better.

Chariot short eats Chariot short eats

Besides that their regular short eats and rices are pretty reliable. The chicken roti is big and filling (Rs. 90 if we remember), fried in egg yolk, it's pretty nice.

The new Chariot is paying attention, but we're still not sure if sushi is too big a stretch.


Chariot World Trade Center

This Chariot is tucked away in the hidden gem mall of the World Trade Center. From the lobby, above the information desk there are two escalators. Take those up and go to the left (East Tower) and you'll see a somewhat forgotten area with jewelry and gem merchants. Chariot is in that courtyard. They have a good space, but it's not obvious from the main areas of the WTC. We actually had a hard time finding it and had to ask around.


The service is quite good. No complaints.


The new Chariot is much improved and is probably the most innovative of the local fast food joints (Perera And Sons, Fab, etc). Serving sushi is an interesting idea, but the price - while perhaps fair - makes it a bit incongruous at a place known for it's affordable and filling short eats and rice dishes. They are trying to push healthy with their sandwich and salad range, which we commend.


The chicken roti is good.


East Tower, L4, World Trade Center, Colombo 1


The World Trade Center is the biggest building in Colombo, at the end of Galle Face Green, just look for it. Inside, Chariot is one escalator ride above the information desk in the lobby.


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This place has closed down

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Rice And Curry

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