CheeseHeads (Food Studio - One Galle Face)

Food Studio, One Galle Face Mall , Colombo 01

  • Open until 10:00 PM

CheeseHeads is specialised in cheesy food.

Turophile or not, CheeseHeads is a good place to grab a filling snack when you're in One Galle Face. A picture of a grilled cheese sandwich dripping with cheddar was the only motivation we needed to drop by this place.


Almost everything CheeseHeads makes has a good dose of cheese infused in it. Aside from the mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwich, they do a few Mac & Cheese varieties, as well as a couple of burgers. 

Unfortunately, the grilled cheese sandwich wasn't available, so we opted for the Basic Mac & Cheese (Rs. 700) and a Chicken Burger (Rs. 800). 

Leaning towards the milky side, the macaroni was cooked well and smothered with cheese, making it all gooey. Rich to the bite, it was served warm, but we do wish if it had a bit more cheese in the mix, to produce a sharper flavour. 

You have the option of pairing it up with some smoked chicken or peanut butter. 

The Chicken Burger arrived with a side of hand-cut fries, and a dipping sauce. Featuring a giant chicken patty to boot, the burger was also stacked with lettuce, and slices of tomato. 

Well-seasoned, well-grounded, and grilled to perfection, it was one juicy, incredibly delicious chicken patty. The seasoning didn't overpower the meaty flavours of the patty but enhanced it to another level. There was a good drizzle of mayo, adding a bit of tang to the overall flavour, which we enjoyed. Some cheese in the burger would have made it complete. 

The bun was soft and airy but had a bit sogged up texture from all the content stuffed inside. Slathering it with some butter and letting it sit on the grill for a few minutes should fix this. 

Chunky and lightly seasoned, the fries were a bit oily for our liking, but we quite enjoyed the dipping sauce which carried subtle mustardy kicks. 


They're a member of Food Studio that lies on the lower ground floor of One Galle Face, and we didn't run into any problems in terms of service. The guy manning the counter was helpful, and our food was ready within 15 - 20 minutes. 


CheeseHeads does some good food and we liked our experience here. We sincerely hope that they'd add more cheesy goodies to their menu. 


Food Studio, One Galle Face Mall , Colombo 01



Open until 10:00 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Burgers Sandwiches



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