Chef Rooster

No 56 Abdul Hameed St, Colombo 12

Relishing food Aluthkade style!

Aluthkade is the hub of amazing, cheap food that will satiate you to the maximum. Be it 10.30 at night, the roads are bustling with activity; it is amongst this hive of activity that we came across Chef Rooster.

Open until 2 in the morning, Chef Rooster is a little, two-storied joint, and we were pretty excited to check out their extensive menu. 

The Food

From burgers and subs to pasta and chicken and all sorts of greasy, mouthwatering food, it has it all.

The Jumbo Hot Dog (Rs. 180), consisting of a thick, juicy sausage gave a meaty flavour, and the bun, toasted, gave a crisp taste that went well with the sausage.

The Mexican Chicken Burger (Rs. 400) had quite an interesting twist to it. It consisted of a relishing patty, pickles and avocado sauce.

Now unlike white people, we do not like avocado on everything, but this was amazing. The patty was slightly overcooked, but nevertheless, all of the ingredients came together in perfect harmony.

The Loaded Fries (Rs. 450) consisted of a plateful of delicious, juicy fries topped with chunks of succulent meat and a delicious sauce. It was the perfect starter.

The Chicken Submarine (Rs. 400) was filled to the brim with plenty of meat and paired with a pleasant concoction of a sauce, it was as filling as it was satisfying. The buns were pleasantly fresh as well.

Service and Ambience

The ambience, of course, was of a typical Aluthkade joint and was quite clean as well.

The service too was top-notch, and the staff was quite efficient and prepared the food quite soon.


All in all, if you can handle your street food, this is one of the best places to go to for when you're in Aluthkade. 


No 56 Abdul Hameed St, Colombo 12