Chips & Dips

15, Visaka Road, Bambalapitiya

The only fries-dedicated spot in Colombo.

*Temporarily closed.

If you have a weakness for fries and are tired of dipping them in the same old ketchup/mayo, Chips & Dips is where you SHOULD go. After seeing many teasers on their social media pages, we were super excited when they fry-nally decided to open their cute resto down Visaka Road, where Dress Factory used to be. 

The Chips & Dips

Chips & Dips has a number of interesting dipping sauces that you can pair your fries with, alongside a few burgers, if fries ain't your thang (um, what's wrong with you?) 

Ordering a meal here involves two steps - first, you pick the sauce, and second, you tell them how many portions of fries you need with it. The pricing depends on the sauce, and you have to pay separately for the fries portion (Rs. 300). 

First up, we tried the Meaty Chicken (Rs. 450). A hearty plate of salt-kissed, perfectly crispy hand-cut fries, topped off with a thick sauce arrived in this one. Boasting a nice tangy flavour, the sauce had so much minced chicken soused in, making every bite a piquant burst.

The fries that were directly in touch with the sauce were a bit sogged out, but we didn't mind, as the rich meaty goodness kept running around them. Our next two portions of fries were served in paper containers. This time around, we decided to try them with the Thai (Rs. 250) and Cheesy (Rs. 400) dipping sauces. 

*Pictured above - Cheesy (left), Thai (right)

Reminiscing the Thai Red Curry sauce, and a darn good one at that, the Thai dip was superb! Deliciously creamy, and beautifully orange, it was piping hot and had a wonderful pol kiri (coconut cream) flavour to it, which didn't overpower the spiciness. With a little bit of saltiness contributed by the fries, it balances out all the flavours so beautifully. Vegan or not, we highly recommend this one to those of you who prefer something on the hot side. 

Packed with bits of herbs and thick in texture, the Cheesy one was good too. There was a nice milky flavour to it, which would soothe your tastebuds after taking all the heat of the Thai dip. 


*Pictured above - Watermelon Juice (left), Peach Iced Tea (right)

The drinks menu featured a few variants of iced tea and fresh juice, and we opted for a couple of them - Watermelon Juice (Rs. 350) and Peach Iced Tea (Rs. 400). 

Both drinks were quite refreshing. The Watermelon juice had little to no sugar, so nothing got in the way of its natural taste. We would've liked the iced tea more, if the peach flavour was a bit less dominating. 

Ambience & Service

The ambience here is quite calm and peaceful. They fill the room with good music, and there's an open kitchen if you prefer to see how your meal is prepared. 

In terms of service, they did a really good job. The staff were friendly, helpful and efficient. We got our food within around 10 - 15 minutes. 


We agree that it's albeit on the pricey side, but it was a pleasant experience. The dipping sauces were excellent, the fries were good as it can get, and they offer all of them with good service and ambience. What's not to love?


15, Visaka Road, Bambalapitiya


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