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Choco Castle

Vajira Road, Colombo 04

Chocolate on crepes and waffles, hot chocolate, and a menu of savoury items, too. Choco Castle is a decent place to hang and indulge.

Yamu HQ has been eyeing Choco Castle for the past month, patiently awaiting its opening, as its located so close to our office. Just next to Sleek Salon on Vajira Road, this brand new restaurant claims to offer a 'Royal Chocolate Experience'. The owners are said to have run a similar operation in a mall in Dubai, and the staff say they'll be introducing Iranian food to the menu.

For now, they offer dark and milk chocolate, constantly flowing from a fountain, which they slather generously onto crepes and waffles. From brownies and ice cream to hot chocolate and even pasta, this place seems quite promising. There's Mexican Rice (Rs. 490) and Salad Olvia (Rs.490) but we didn't mess with the savoury. We enjoyed our chocolate indulgence, and found the staff quite friendly. 


We tried the Triple Chocolate Crepe (Rs. 650) with milk chocolate, first, and were overwhelmed by the amount of chocolate that came with. 

There's an action station for all the chocolatey goodness, so you can watch as they gather copious amounts of chocolate from the fountain and gently coat an entire crepe. The presentation is pretty simple and we like that.

Taste-wise, the chocolate isn't high art, but it satisfies your sugar craving. As far as crepes go, we liked the fluffiness and the size. For the price, this is quite a decadent treat. Three people could share this, easily.

Next, we tried the Waffle Stick (Rs. 490). This came drizzled with dark chocolate. You can eat it with fork and knife or just nibble right off the stick. 

This was my favourite, mostly for the texture of the waffle. It's got a buttery crisp going on that makes for an unhealthy state of bliss. 


Since we were at a chocolate joint, we decided to hit up the Choco Castle Hot Chocolate (Rs. 520). 

It could've been a little thicker on the chocolate front, but the taste was just perfect. It wasn't too sweet at all, and we loved that. All that was truly missing was some marshmallows floating atop. We're hoping they introduce a soy milk option to make this a treat anyone could enjoy.

Coffee, we must, say, is not a strong point at Choco Castle. We love how the aroma of a good espresso can add to an indulgence of dark chocolate with sea salt, but this doesn't seem to be the direction that the restaurant is heading. We were disappointed with our Espresso (Rs. 290).

While there was a visible crema, the actual first-taste was verging on insipid. They claim that the Arabica beans are from Iran, and they do grind them on site, but these were simply too bitter and unpleasant. We're hoping it's just a shortfall in the preparation and that this improves, soon. It might be that the beans aren't fresh. They serve the espresso with little bits of chocolate, because they're sweet like that. They've also got frappes for around Rs. 500, which might be better.


The guys at Choco Castle are super-friendly if you initiate contact with a smile. You can ask the staff any questions about the process and they're quite comfortable with responding. Though they say that the menu was just introduced to them, they seem to know their way around the items that are available. They were still on their soft opening when we visited, but they seemed to know what's what by now.


Personally, I found the decor to be a little kitschy at first glance, but after a while it felt oddly endearing.

If you peek around the corners, there's Charlie Chaplin in one of the nooks, and another side has some strange neo-guitar instrument hanging on the wall.

They've got black and white photos of a happy couple, and we're not quite sure what that's about, but it isn't too distracting once you've got your food. The decor might not be to our taste, but we can't say they haven't paid attention to detail. There's a lot going on here. 


We liked the chocolatey goodness plated up at Choco Castle. When we inquired about the savoury items on the menu, we were told that they intend to introduce Iranian food to their menu, and that seemed like a digression. We're hoping too many items doesn't take away from what feels like a decent dessert shop with plenty of space for a crowd. Their grand opening is on November 21, 2015, and we're hoping they do well. 


Ask for the dark chocolate, always.


Vajira Road, Colombo 04


Turn onto Vajira Road and it will be just after Sleek Salon.



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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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Pasta Beverages Brownies Ice Cream Waffles Chocolate

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