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Choco Luv - Food Truck

16, Flower Rd, Colombo 7

Choco Luv Food Truck is parked up at the same place as the old Choco Luv resto and serves up a list of refreshing drinks for you to enjoy.

Choco Luv is back in town after a revamp, in the same place, but as a food truck. They certainly had a rocky going in their past, but past is past, and we were more than happy to drop by.


Since their revamp, almost all they have are some sort of a milkshake with various flavour combos and known name brands, incorporated into the menu. To name a few, Nutty Nutella, Kinder Moments, Toblerone - you get the picture. You can find their long list of items displayed on a side of the truck, ending with a few fruit juices.

The Oreo Delight (Rs. 520) was unapologetically Oreotastic. Even before mixing things in, from the first sip you get the distinct Oreo flavour in the drink along with the cookie texture. They pretty much nailed the sugar ratio in here so, no element competes with each other - just, delightful Oreo flavour, blended with the creamy sweetness of the vanilla ice cream. 

The downside of this (if there is any), is that it can be a bit too rich in flavour. So unless you are either die-hard Oreo fan or came from a drought, you’ll end up staring at the unfinished drink.

Upon seeing the name Ferrero Rondnoir (Rs. 520) we had high hopes from it. We got a chocolate drink in a jar and a whipped cream layer with a Ferrero on top.

It also had a crispy wafer roll that disappeared as soon as the drink came to us. We found a balanced out chocolaty, creamy taste here. They didn’t kill the drink with sugar and the drink was enjoyable.

However, Ferrero Rondnoir is dark chocolate, this drink wasn’t that. Also, what we got on top was a normal Ferrero Rocher. The signature toasted hazelnut flavour Ferrero Rocher was there in the drink, but not quite enough. This was a good chocolate shake but it didn’t live up to its name.

This is the Coffe Shake (Rs. 410). What we got in here was a smooth vanilla taste with a good amount of coffee undertone seeping in. The flavours complimented each other well, leading to a refreshing drink. We found this landed a bit on the sweeter side but not overwhelmingly so.

Ambience & Service

The attendant at the premise was polite and readily explained all the different flavours and hidden meanings behind the elaborate names. We got our drinks without much delay too.

As stated earlier, despite their changes, they are still located at the same spot as before but now as a food truck. They do have a rather spacious seating area where you can enjoy your drinks at but unfortunately, there’s no roof over the head, and it gets a bit intense with the heat during mid-day. Also, one thing to take note is they close up the truck when it’s raining. So, it is always better to give them a call beforehand when you find the weather is a bit gloomy.


We felt that this time around is that, Choco Luv is steering in a better direction. There’s more focus in the menu with their theme/ name and apart from needing a bit of a tweak here and there, they’ve done a solid job.

They do have a bit of markup for the drinks if you are having them there opposed to taking away and we thought that their prices aren’t the cheapest but are in the expected range.

With the hope that they keep on improving and heading in the good direction, we do look forward to dropping by them again if we are in the area in need of refreshments.


16, Flower Rd, Colombo 7



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Open until 11:00 PM


Street Food

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Beverages Iced Coffee Fruit Juice

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