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317/1 Nawala Road, Nawala

Chopsticks is a down to earth joint in Nawala serving a vast menu of cheerfully Sri Lankanised Chinese food. Fried rice, devilled chicken, black bean pork and so on - the Sino-Lankan side of the menu is huge, and most of what we devoured was incredibly satisfying

Chopsticks is a quiet, secluded little restaurant somewhere along the main road in Nawala. This is a bit of a contradictory sentence, but you'll see.

The Place

A dull yet polished air hangs over the interior and while its appearance is somewhat unremarkable, the atmosphere is cosy.

The inside is extremely dark, as you can tell from the atrocious picture above (my apologies). There's a lot of weird spotlight action going on on the ceilings, a very minimal colour theme, basic furniture and - get this - tons of pictures of old-hollywood icons like Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor and other stars of yesteryear.


Nobody knows and frankly, it doesn't matter. 

This is one of those places you go to with a bunch of friends to sit down and talk nonsense (and maybe get drunk, idk). At least that's how I see it.

The Food

These guys have a vast menu but their speciality is Sri Lankan - Chinese fusion food. Like fried rice and stir-fried pork and whatnot.

We recommend you stay far away from the 'International Cuisine' section on their menu. 

*From top left: Devilled Mushrooms (Rs. 410), Sweet & Sour Chicken (Rs. 480) and Egg Fried Rice (Rs. 380). 
  • We got a large steaming portion of fried rice that was just enough for the three of us. If you're not on an empty stomach, this can easily feed about five. The rice comes with bits of scrambled egg, shredded carrots and a sprinkling of leeks. There's nothing much to describe really, it's just a good plateful of fried rice.
  • The Sweet & Sour Chicken was a bit disappointing because it was just tiny pieces of chicken coated in heavy batter and deep fried. I didn't prefer this one on account of the heavy batter, but it's still good. You can probably get a better version at Ming Han (another one of my favourites).
  • We got the Devilled Mushrooms because our favourite Hot Butter Mushroom dish wasn't available. This wasn't as exciting. The dish is heavily spiced with a lot of pepper, but my pals enjoyed it despite my groans.

We also got a bottle of Lion Lager (Rs. 380) but it's Lion Lager so there's no need for further explanation.

The Service

This is something we were really impressed with. The waiters aren't at your beck and call because they're busy with all the other tables but from the minute they take your order they're fully attentive.

One of my friends is allergic to onions (go figure) so we explicitly requested for no onion in any of the dishes and they gladly complied. So make sure you tell them what you want and they'll oblige. 


I like the place. It's pretty evident, no? There are no frills, no nonsense just straight-forward food and service. Keep in mind that this isn't exactly a fine-dining 5 star rated joint. It's one of those places you can hop on over to at night in your pajamas and have a whinge. 


317/1 Nawala Road, Nawala


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Open 11 AM to 3 PM, 5 PM to 11 PM


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