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Cinnamon & Spice

Delivery only

Delivers great food to your doorstep for affordable prices!

You're working and craving for a good, ol' fashioned, reliable lunch. We've all been there; times when fast food will just not cut it, and you've had enough of that grease and oil and whatnot.

This is where Cinnamon and Spice comes in. They bring to the table (well speaking in literal terms, your doorstep through PickMe Food) a bunch of solid rice dishes. They don't have much in terms of variety, but what they do, they do best. They also have kottu and a few other dishes after 6, as a part of their dinner menu.

The Food

Cinnamon and Spice have a Budget Pack at Rs.150 and the Regular at Rs. 250.

We decided to check them both out and opted for the Regular Fish Rice Pack and the Budget Chicken Rice.

[Ed note: our photos weren't the best, so Cinnamon & Spice was kind enough to send us some good quality pictures.]

The budget pack, understanding the fact that it is called a budget pack, had not cut down on the amount of rice, but just the curries. The portion of rice, of course, was quite enough for one person; it consisted of the chicken, dhal, and kiri kos. The dhal was prepared in a creamy paste and was quite relishing. 

The chicken wasn't as spicy as we would have wanted it to be, but it was quite a large portion and was tender and succulent, but ultimately, was lacking a lot of flavours and felt the teensy wit bland. 

The Regular Fish Rice was much more colourful and had the addition of key factors like the pol sambol, which brought the right amount of spiciness and a little extra zest, and a small portion of fried kehel muwa which was a nice touch.

Giving ambul thiyal vibes, the chunk of fish brought out mounds of flavour to the rice and had that peppery taste to it. It was also the only spicy curry on the plate but perfectly balanced out the dish. The rice too was fluffy and not too dry.

How To Order

The ordering process isn't very complicated, you can use the PickMe app to place the order and you'll be able to monitor the progress through that.


Overall, the food was solid. The packaging was quite attractive as well, and the food was quite great. For a quick fix, we'd definitely recommend. 


Delivery only


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Open until 10:00 PM


Sri Lankan

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Rice Kottu Rice And Curry Chicken

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