Classy Cuisine (Caterer)

Classy Cuisine is a home caterer who specialises in Pakistani, Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine.

As is the case with most home bakers, Classy Cuisine operates from the Dehiwala/Kalubowila suburbs. Why? We don't know but we don't mind because as long as there is biriyani in the world, such trivial things shouldn't matter. 

How do I get my hands on some biriyani?

One of the main cons about biriyani is that there is no easy process to obtain the stuff. You either have to put your sweat, blood and tears into making it or go through the same thing to call up a caterer and have it delivered. Doesn't
matter in the end because your efforts will not be in vain.

There's obviously no online delivery etc, so call and place your orders at least 24 hours in advance. They're happy to suggest stuff too. An important thing you need to remember is that while one portion of Chicken Biriyani goes for just Rs. 450, you are required to order a minimum of FOUR portions (of any biriyani) for the order to go through. So make sure you have a bunch of hungry people to feed. 

How is the biriyani?

The biriyani is quite good but it had a few minor setbacks. Perhaps it's because this was the third biriyani I've had that week (plus we made a dope biriyani on that day) so maybe my tongue is just dead from all the excessive spice consumption. 

The rice is a beautiful, fiery yellow with a few speckles of orange and golden brown. You could taste small hints of cilantro and chicken stock but the main thing missing here was salt. This was a let-down because when you look at a biriyani that looks this good, lack of salt is the last thing you'd expect.

There's a separate container full of fresh, sliced cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce leaves.

The biriyani portions are served with a delicious raita, but the raita was too watery so we didn't indulge too much. The tart, tang from the raita made the biriyani a little more flavourful but it just wasn't enough. 

The chicken was fall-off-the-bone tender and tasted like it had been marinating in an assortment of spices. However, the chicken lacked salt as well, so we brooded (hah) amongst ourselves and ate. The egg was a basic, boiled egg with a pretty orange yolk that garnered no complaints from us.
The kebabs (Rs. 650 for a pack of ten) were the best part of the entire meal. The flavour was as strong as it was rich with an explosion of juicy, tender beef and lime with the occasional cilantro hit. There's also a bunch of onions and light sprinkles of green chilli mixed into the whole thing. 

They also have an interesting range of snacks and whatnot, like their parata rolls and individual curries (eg: mutton karahi). 
We tried a Chicken Atta Parata Roll (Rs. 200) and it proved to be quite worth it. 

Encased in a light atta roti, you get lots of chunky chicken bits with a few bits of bell pepper and onions; all held together with what tasted like chutney. We loved it. It disappeared in about 20 seconds so maybe get an extra one so you can eat it alone, later.


They deliver right to your doorstep and you are required to pay the tuk fare. The food comes neatly packed and wrapped in containers (but unfortunately a lot of rigifoam and plastic).
One thing we found odd is the fact that all the rice was packed upside down and it was a proper mess to get everything organised.


Making biriyani is a long process, and so is reading this review. Go ahead and call them up if you're thinking about doing something different for lunch or dinner.
Also, invest in a bag of salt.


Try their kebabs- they don't have them up on their menu so be sure to ask via phone.