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Clique Lounge Bar

505 Fifth Floor, Union Place, Colombo 2

Clique isn’t the cheapest watering hole in the city. However, it does bring something new to Colombo’s severely tired and monopolized club scene.

If you're looking for their (excellent) dinner options, check out the Clique Supper Club review. Also, we used some photos from Clique's Facebook because nightclub phone photography doesn't always convey the true picture.

As you’d imagine, Clique isn’t the cheapest watering hole in the city. However, it does bring something new to Colombo’s severely tired and monopolized club scene. Located on the top floor of the Union Chemists building (also home to Dominos and Gloria Jeans Coffee), the club’s wrap-around windows afford a pretty nice view of Lipton Circus and the general officey Union Place neighbourhood by night.

The premises and the concept are divided into the Supper Club (dining area), Lounge Bar (the bar/club area) and the Boardroom (which is situated on the 4th floor and caters to private functions).

Crowd & Music

Friday night at Clique is a fairly decent escape from the gyrating masses of Amuseum/Kama (for now). The club area had a refreshing selection of ‘90s jams and slick lounge music as opposed to stale EDM/prime time radio pop (atleast for the earlier part of the night). The best bit, frequently pointed out by a male friend accompanying me, was the great female to male ratio they managed to maintain even without a host of menacing bouncers and exorbidant entry fees. While most people present appeared to be the usual Cantaloupe crowd armed with their tables set with bottles of vodka, there appeared to be quite a few happy campers at the bar and rather well-turned out ladies.

Wednesday night was a little sparse on the crowd front, but the live jazz and soul music courtesy ‘Out of the Blue’ with Shamistha and Ravin was a lovely touch for a laid-back yet upscale wind down session. The bar also offered a one-for-one on beer and glasses of wine from 9-10 which was great but could potentially be extended. Hopefully they continue this every Wednesday to cater to the city’s mid week madness.


The drop chandeliers and wooden floors were a nice touch that maintained the elite club status, but the furniture was a bit of a miss on both key fronts – taste and functionality. The couches and chairs were upholstered with ‘80s futuristic metallic rexine and more than half the tables were “reserved” despite remaining unclaimed all night so that was a bit wasteful since there were plenty of people standing around.

The general ambience is rather chic albeit confusing with a slight clash between the warm, classy chandeliers and wooden floors and the cold metallic nature of the furniture and the purple wall lighting. The walls are decked with nicely arranged wallpaper and tastefully framed photos of incredibly attractive women in a variety of pouts and attire.

The seating arrangements do lend themselves to groups of about 6 on a night out as opposed to couples or trios so it may not be the best date night drinks arena (specially because the purple lighting on the couches doesn't do wonders for the average Lankan skin tone). I’d call this a good place to go with a bunch of friends since the music is also at a tasteful volume on weekdays and you’d be able to keep up a conversation without resorting to sign language or texting.

Prices & Service

Barring Lion beer, there appears to be a non-local alcohol policy going on, which is to be expected at most Colombo establishments aiming for the upper echelon of party-goers (see Sky Lounge, Casa Colombo). This means that the beverages menu, while fairly comprehensive in terms of spirits, is definitely a bit of a splurge. Clique may require a pre-drinks session for pecuniary-precarious people. For a stiff drink, you can expect to pay an easy Rs. 1000 upwards. They do have some nice deals for bottles of Moet which are worth looking into.

Service is quick, friendly and efficient, although this may be partially attributed to the vast crew of waiters, servers, managers, hosts and token foreign hostesses wafting about at any given time. While it may well be necessary on a hectic Friday, it seemed a tad superfluous on Wednesday when the staff easily outnumbered the patrons. There are also a couple of thoroughly helpful men in snazzy blue blazers looking officious although I haven’t been able to decipher what their purpose is.


The concept of a late-night restaurant is quite exciting even if it comes with a hefty price tag. The food ranges from Japanese to Mexican to vague Continental, with a meal for two averaging at about Rs 4500 upwards. The two dessert wine pairing suggestions are lovely, as is the prospect of well prepared sous-vide. However, if they are serious about promoting their concept, the restaurant should possibly be open well after 11 PM. With the current late-night options balancing between Sugar Burger, 5 star coffee-shops and Pilawoos, Clique would be wise to give club-goers an option that beats the others in terms of quality and proximity.


505 Fifth Floor, Union Place, Colombo 2


Get to the former City Dispensary building, go around the car park and enter the building. Take the elevator to the 5th floor. You should be able to see the lounge lights from the road.



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