Cloud Red (Cinnamon Red)

59, Ananda Kumaraswamy Mawatha, Colombo 3

Cloud Red is the newest and highest rooftop bar in Colomb. The view from the top is spectacular, their cocktails are good and so is the food. The drinks are a bit pricey but with the ambience we don't really mind.

Cloud Red hasn't changed too much since our opening review a couple of years ago. Barring the view, that is. 


The ambience is easily the key draw of Cloud Red. You've got a 360° view of Colombo's undulating skyline; watching construction, traffic, and trees flit about below you. The perfect time to arrive is around 5:30. You can catch sunset near the pool, then watch as the sun dips and Colombo gets gradually sparklier as headlights and lamps are switched on. It's possibly the best view in the city now that Sky Lounge's one is slightly marred by the hideous Shangri- La construction and patches of port city beach. 

Dining & Wining

Since we tried out a heap of cocktails in the last review, we thought we'd opt for a tamer option this time. We requested a bottle of an extra dry sparkling wine, a Freschello extra dry spumante. At a reasonable Rs. 3000, it came chilled and nicely presented in a stand alone ice bucket. We felt it was absolutely worth it given the view and the ambience.

There was another Pearly Bay sparkling rose for the same price. They're both entry-level sparkling wines, about Rs. 1600 on the retail market, but the quality is well worth the price. A cocktail pitcher (serves around 5), at about Rs. 3700 is a little steep, but they do them quite strong and flavourful, so if wine isn't your thing you could try one of those when you're in a group! 

We tried a couple of options from their tapas menu, essentially the two fastest-moving items. Opening with the quintessential Lankan drinking bite, cuttlefish, we attempted the Salt and Pepper Calamari (Rs  650). The presentation is actually lovely, with about 10 curls of batter-fried calamari arranged on a hot tile, lightly dusted with spice and what appeared to be corn flakes. It was served with a strong garlic mayo, which actually offset the calamari suprisingly well. I'm used to a more chilli flavour with my calamari, but this worked well, and was definitely worth it. 

The infamous Prawn Wrapped in Bacon (Rs. 830), was a tiny bit of a disappointment. Both the prawn and the bacon were fresh and cooked well, but the prawn itself lacked definitive flavour. You needed to dip the bite into the sugary soy sauce concoction to establish a proper flavour, but then the saltiness of the bacon was too much. To be fair, the portion size was much larger than what Bhagya received at the last review, so it's great that they work on constructive criticism! I would still say it's an interesting dish, I just wish the prawn's spice could hold its own.


The service was a huge hit and miss. Our initial waiter was totally unenthusiastic about serving us. We asked for 2 separate bottles of wine, both of which he claimed were unavailable. He then went away saying he'd check. 20 minutes later, nothing had happened, and we saw him taking someone else's orders. BETRAYAL.

We hailed another waiter who was far more efficient, apologized for the delay, spoke to the manager, and sourced us the first bottle we wanted, all within a slick 5 minutes. Success! With every waiter we had after, everything was quick and efficient. Quick orders, immediate clearing, swift billing. So after the initial drama, we were very happy.


Cloud Red receives a strong recommendation from us for sunset drinks in the city. It's usually bustling and busy, with chill music and (generally) good service, and the view is unbeatable. It's a great spot to bring visitors to the city, and also a chill post-work drinks place. They are the only rooftop bar without a sunset happy hour though (Sky Lounge and ON14 both do hefty discounts) , so drinks can add up! 


Make sure to ask the waiters what cocktails they've got.


59, Ananda Kumaraswamy Mawatha, Colombo 3


Directions: Red is at the end of Green Path (Nelum Pokuna Road), at the corner of Flower Road. If you go further down the road you hit Liberty Plaza. It doesn't look like it, but it has ample parking.


Open 5.00 PM - 12.00 AM

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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