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Coffee & Bread On 27th

27th Lane, Colombo 03

A tiny cafe down 27th Lane dedicated to making some great coffee.

Adjoining the RADISI Boutique, lies a small, cosy cafe called Coffee & Bread On 27th - dedicated to brewing up some great coffee, freshly baked bread and cakes to go with it.
They're not exactly new to the cafe scene. If Little Italy in Colombo rings you any bells, it's probably because of Caffitaly, a coffee brand that was sponsoring Little Italy back then - which is basically the same case with Coffee & Bread On 27th. 


The array of coffee here is quite impressive, and extensive - in comparison to what we've encountered in 90% of the other cafes in town. There are 9 entries on their menu, just under the list of espressos, along with the milk-based ones, and in-house specialities - both hot and cold. This is a place for an avid coffee drinker, or someone who's learning about/building a taste towards coffee, as the blends they serve come from all corners of the world. 

My Carabia Espresso (Rs. 380 for single) had a nice nutty feel to it, which was drawn by the pistachio essence infused into it. Featuring a velvety layer of crema on top, we enjoyed catching a whiff of tobacco in here, along with teeny tiny hints of cocoa. Strong, aromatic, and rich - this is a well-crafted espresso. 

My sister got the Espresso Orange (Rs. 400). Served with a shot of sugar syrup, this one carries a delightful swirl of citrus squeezed from an orange. The rich notes of the espresso are what demand your attention here, while the ripples of orange ease it in.

Seriously, we do not see a point of adding that shot of sugar syrup in this, as the drink was awesome on its own. It would go right up your alley as a refreshing, and delicious drink that you can pair your cakes with, even if you're not the biggest coffee fan.  


From the selection of cakes available, we decided to go with a slice of New York Blueberry Cheesecake (Rs. 590) and a Maxmillian (Rs. 590). 

Topped off with a helping of blueberry coulis, the New York Blueberry Cheesecake was a bit dense for our liking. A bit more tart flavour and creaminess in texture could have easily improved it. 

Sticky, and absolutely sweet, the Maxmillian is essentially the honey cake at Coffee & Bread On 27th. This could be a bit overwhelmingly sweet, which is why we suggest that you pair it with their boldly flavoured espressos - as we did. 

Service & Ambience

As I said, it's a tiny space. Fitting more than eight people here at a time would make it look congested. But, it's quite peaceful, with some good music that fills the room.

They've got a few tables and chairs, and also this giant couch you see in above. You won't probably be able to hang out with your friends for hours here, but meeting someone for a quick cup of coffee and a slice of cake to share is what you have in mind, this place fits right in. 

There was only one staff member manning the counter, who was friendly throughout our experience and quite helpful. If you can't wrap your mind around what to order, ask away - he's happy to help. 


So far, so good. Colombo has a gazillion number of coffee stops, but only a handful of them is passionate about brewing up a good cup of coffee. Coffee & Bread On 27th falls into that category, and we're excitedly looking forward to their expanded menu in the near future. 


27th Lane, Colombo 03



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Open until 08:00 PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Cakes Bready Coffee

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