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Coffee & Bread On 27th

27th Lane, Colombo 03

A tiny cafe down 27th Lane dedicated to making some great coffee.

Squashed in between a myriad of giant houses, a school and not much else, 27th lane is that one tiny road that we mostly know for being the road Butter Boutique used to be on. This is where Coffee and Bread on 27th lies now.

We've actually been there for a First Look. And after multiple personal visits to the establishment (by Dinesh) to sing praises to their coffee, we finally decided to give that much-awaited full review we've been waiting for. 


A wee small cafe sandwiched between a giant house and a fancy clothes shop, Coffee and Bread on 27th is the epitome of what a cluttered cafe would look like. With bits and bobs of varying paraphernalia including coffee pods, candles, statues and a whole load of seating alternatives, we loved it.

Although slightly chilly from the air conditioning, the cafe is quite possibly one of the nicest cafes to drop by if you're looking for a lovely little spot to get a quick cup of coffee for some catching up that wouldn't take you the whole day to complete. 

Plus, everything from the forest-y vines to the colourful furniture makes it kinda look like a cafe designed by The Mad Hatter to have his tea parties. Basically, what we're trying to say with all this jargon is that the place is perfectly pretty. 

The Food

Coffee and Bread on 27th does exactly that. Coffee, cakes, bread and a dash of tea, the menu literally writes itself. 

Now they don't do much in terms of savoury but we did manage to get a Sourdough Ham and Cheese Sandwich off the 5 options of sandwiches they had. We know that giving a sandwich for Rs. 750 is way over budget but, we're straight up going to say that leaving aside the price, it was very good.

Two crunchy pieces of sourdough with a layer of smoked cheese, ham, fresh veggies and mayo, the sandwich was light, it wasn't over the top in terms of flavour and given how fresh everything tasted, we loved it. The smoked cheese accompanied by the tang of the bread and the lightness of the ham is a combination that kicks home in just the right way. Plus, it makes you feel super healthy.

The Chocolate Tres Leches (Rs. 500) is essentially the same thing as the usual Tres Leches, just with chocolate cake taking the place of the butter cake.

I mean, it's nothing too fancy. but, with a beautifully soggy base, a thick layer of cream (that was the perfect amount even if it looks like little) encasing the top, we liked it. And it isn't too sweet. so, it's worth keeping a lookout for. 

Now the Maxmilian (Rs. 590) on the other hand was strange! Not strange in a bad way -no, strange in the nicest way possible. Imagine you take a honeycomb and completely smother it in butter and then decide to make a cake with that? Yeah, that's exactly what this tastes like. Literally, it felt like we were eating a pat of butter when you first dig into it but you tend to get bits of nuts and stuff as you dwell further in it. 

I like it. But that's mostly because I have a giant sweet tooth. Most of the other people at office weren't giant fans of it though. It all depends on if you like sweet stuff, really. 

Coffee and Bread on the 27th has a whole load of varieties from various parts of the world with a bunch of flavours to choose from. So, basically, it's like a heaven for a coffee person.

We went with the Indian Espresso Cappucino (Rs. 420) and we loved it. With hints of chocolate seeping through, the coffee was wonderfully strong and was essentially every coffee lovers dream come true. I am in no way a coffee person, but, Dinesh happened to love it as well, and he's one of the biggest coffee addicts we have at YAMU HQ. 

I may not be a coffee person but I do know when someone makes a good lemonade and this was one of the best ones I've had, hands down. Coming it as a pretty decent Rs. 390, the lemonade was fizzy, minty and beautifully lemoned. Not sweet in any way with just hints of sweetness seeping in through the cracks to just satiate your need for sweetness in lemonade, we loved it. 

See, we actually ordered this (the Lavender and Mint tea) but we got the Lemon and mint Lemonade instead. But when the owner found out about the mix-up, he offered a Lavender and Mint tea on the house.

The literal version of a pre-tea tea, it felt like what a hug from a fairy would feel like. Light, with smalls whiffs of lavender floating around with just the tiniest bit of effort from the mint essence, it was wonderful. Plus, it's great for washing away all the sugar you ate when you eat the Maxmilian. 


The staff at Coffee and Bread on 27th proved to be super nice and very efficient. Bringing in our food within 15-20 minutes and making small talk whilst answering our every question about the coffee, we had nothing to complain about. 


This is one of the best picks in Colombo for coffee, especially if you're a die-hard coffee fan. They've got some good bready snacks and cakes to pair them with, and we love them for that. 


27th Lane, Colombo 03



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