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Coffee Club

15,Fife Road , Colombo 05

Coffee Club is a new cafe down Fife Road, that's replacing Bellissimo.

Coffee Club down Fife Road entered the cafe scene in Colombo not too long ago as the cafe that replaced Bellissimo. We actually paid them a visit a while back when it just opened up. But, considering the fact that that was a First Look, we found ourselves at it again, having lunch at Coffee Club. 

The Ambience 

The ambience at Coffee Club moves more along the lines of a chocolate advertisement and an extremely dimly lit restaurant. With wooden chairs, marble/ granite tabletops and a stream of pop songs turned reggae playing on repeat in the background, it's ideal when you're looking for somewhere in discreet to have lunch. Especially if you don't want to be seen by anyone. It's as private as a cafe could physically get. So if that's what you're on the lookout for, this just might be the one for you. 

Food & Drinks

The menu at Coffee Club is really just a bunch of A4 sized thick boards with options ranging from sandwiches to wraps to pasta to a couple of salads and of course, tea and coffee. 

Upon the recommendation of the server, we decided to get this. The Frango Frito - KFC (Rs. 850) turned out to be a plate filled with fried chicken. Covered with a thick layer of extremely crunchy batter, the chicken was all right. Not too spicy nor too salty, this was far from the KFC we're used to, but in a good way. Anyway, while it wasn't very oily, it could have used more flavour in its seasoning. 

Served on the side were the tomato and kochchi sauce. Sweet, drenched in mayo and with a slight hint of kochchi, this kochchi sauce at Coffee Club was quite nice. However, adding more kochchi wouldn't do anyone any harm.

True, they do give a sizeable amount, but, it didn't have that excitement you look for in a plate of this comfort food. Plus, does this really count as a main?

The Seamon Wrap (Rs. 650) - let's not dwell on the name y'all. Anyhow, this one is essentially just parata wrapped around a combination of seafood -that predominantly consisted of prawns, onion, tomato and of course salad leaves. 

Chewy, tasting a lot like something along the lines of mayo and bits of prawn, with big slices of tomato and onion, this was all right. While it didn't necessarily blow us away, it didn't dissapoint. 

The sides were comprised of fries and coleslaw. The fries seemed to be the regular store-bought fries deep-fried to a cool golden colour and covered with a sprinkle of salt. Now this, we honestly enjoyed. Plus, they give a solid amount of fries on the side, which is, in our opinion, brilliant.

The coleslaw had a lot of onion bits. While it could work for some people, we found the acidity to be a tad too much for a coleslaw. Apart from that, we liked it.

*Pictured above - Tea Yaare (left) and Chippy Club Frappe (right)

We also happened to get a Tea Yaare (Rs. 250) and a Chippy Club Frappe (Rs. 600). 

The Tea Yaare is essentially a milky, slightly spiced up, milk tea served in a giant glass. Served warm, this was quite lovely. Particularly if you're a tea person. 

The Chippy Club Frappe was an extremely tall glass filled with an ultra chocolatey cocktail of ice cream, blended chocolate chips and lots of chocolate. Super thick with slight hints of coffee running through, this is ideal for when you're looking for a sugar high. 

Note: it's impossible to finish if you're getting food along with it.


As for service, there wasn't anything to complain about. The staff was super nice throughout and they managed to bring our food within 10-20 minutes of ordering. Plus, they were very unobtrusive, which we thought was lovely.


Coffee Club is alright. Sure, we aren't the biggest fan of their food, but, they did serve up some nice drinks and such. Plus, if you manage to get there at a good time, you'd be able to snatch up one of the most secluded cafes in Colombo. 

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