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Coffee Colombo

29, Milagiriya Avenue, Colombo 04

Coffee Colombo is a resto adjoining the Euro Lanka budget hotel.



Malika Aluthge

We ordered a birthday cake for our kid and received the worst cake ever from coffee colombo. Starting from the packing they had gathered few cardboard pieces and sent a cake in a very unsafe way during this covid pandemic when government has strictly asked all restaurants to maintain hygine. The cake was fully open to air and was sent by a trishow on a rainy weatherd night. When we opened the cake we found it fully damaged and it was melting. Worst thing is that they have not delivered the design we want. The melted parts of the cake were all over the box and the structure was on a large toothpick stick which is 95% visible. Since we were not sure about the quality how it was made and since we received the wrong design we have requested them to refund our money and take the cake back, cancelling the bday arrangements planned of a 2 year old kid. Yet there was no one to take a proper complaint and the person who operates the instagram profile firstly said they will refund and retake the cake but later the same person informed us that they do not have a refund policy and unable to do anything and the issue has caused during delivery. If they had stated that they will not be able to deliver properly or hyginically we would not order a cake from them for a 2 year childs bday risking all our efforts in making the child happy.

Do not recommend this place and its food for anyone due to below reasons.
1) The way they have sent the cake (packaging) was so improper and we can easily be a victim of the virus that is spreading all over the country.
2) They did not deliver a cake that was agreed at the initial stage and instead sent some design which was not appropriate at all
3) If they are sending cakes in this way, we can imagine the safety measures they have in place in their kitchen.

People please stay away from having food from this shitty place. Things might be better before covid but now its the worst. Therefore be careful before paying money to these cheaters.

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