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Colombo Fort Cafe (Dutch Hospital)

Dutch Hospital, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo 1

Colombo Fort Cafe is a Harpo's run restaurant located in the popular Dutch Hospital shopping complex, serving up delicious pizzas, pastas and burgers.

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Pizzas: not bad at all, considering the offer in Colombo. I tried the vegetable ones because I cannot conceive chicken pizzas (there were too many on the Menu…)
Mains: not a great experience. We ordered seer fish (1600 approximately). A small seer fish (grilled perfectly though), accompanied by 2 (LITERALLY TWO!!) green beans, 1 broccoli, 1 raw carrot and a very very tiny portion of rice (almost invisible).
Overall experience: OK. I would just stick to the Pizzas…

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Dutch Hospital, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, Colombo 1


The Dutch Hospital precinct is right opposite Bank of Ceylon, near The Kingsbury. The cafe is right in front of you as you walk in through the main entrance, next to Colombo Jewellery.


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