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Commons Coffee House at Hatch

14 Sir Baron Jayatilleke Mawatha, Colombo 1

Commons Coffee House at Hatch serves fresh coffee and meals to fuel the entrepreneur within!

After setting roots in Flower Road, Commons Coffee House decided to Hatch (yes, we are stating the obvious here!) its next cafe in Colombo 01, to support all upcoming and seasoned entrepreneurs. So I bugged my friend to join me for lunch to investigate what's brewing at their new outlet. 

Food & Drinks

My lunch partner drew my attention to the Lunch Combo (Rs. 900). Here's what was on offer, per person - Carbonara or Mongolian Rice, one scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream (as you continue to read through, you will discover how cheesecake was changed into ice cream) and a Fresh Juice. We decided to order two packs of it - one with Pasta and the other with Mongolian Rice. Our drinks included a Lime Juice and a Watermelon Juice. 

Amidst the confusion and miscommunication from both ends, our Watermelon juice arrived at our table first. After one or two sips we realised that the fruit wasn't ripe enough. However, we kept drinking it cause it was definitely helping to beat the heat (yes, the cafe was airconditioned but we patriots were suffering in Bakesland!).

My Lime juice minus the sugar and ice (as per my request) was quite good. Despite the lack of that, it literally gave me a good strong citric punch. 

Moving on, the main event. 

After recovering from the shock that her lunch will be ready in 15 minutes and not 5, my lunch partner dived right into the Mongolian Rice as soon as it landed on our table (and also after my dead give away on the dish) - "It looks very dry, but I hope it tastes good!"

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, fail...

Nope, besides being served a dry plate of Mongolian Rice with decent chunks of chicken, it also lacked flavour and had too much salt that made this lunch experience quite unpleasant.  

However, the Carbonara was cooked al dente, hot and creamy. The only disappointment was the chicken bacon (sigh!). 

Let us commence operation desert storm!

Like I said before, and also according to the menu board right above the counter, this lunch combo offers a main dish, a dessert (which I am sure with my not so 20/20 vision was a cheesecake) and a fresh juice. However, due to the recent power and water cut, the cheesecake has converted into vanilla ice cream. We will keep you posted on the inside scoop about the ice cream. 

They say not all heroes wear capes! To keep it short, it was the Kotmale vanilla ice cream that came to the rescue! 

"You have space for Coffee?" - for someone who had just met me, my lunch partner was really unaware of how I  mentally free up space for a Cappuccino or two. Served using one of the best local beans (you can read more about it here)  my cuppa hit the right spots to deliver my caffeine rush for the first half of the day. 

I also got myself a Passion Fruit Cheesecake (Rs. 425) to go and the rest of the YAMU team enjoyed it. "This is really good" was one response I believe is worth mentioning here. With a buttery biscuit base and an absolutely creamy and moist cream cheese filling, it was topped off with a nice layer of passion fruit coulis. The natural sweet and sour flavours of the passion fruit perfectly came through. 

Service & Ambience

As stated above, it wasn't clear if the Lunch Combo consisted of one or two main dishes, the wait staff giving 2 different times on the preparation and mystery of the cheesecake on the menu, I personally believe there's room for improvement in these areas. 

To just stretching your legs whilst enjoying your favourite hot or cold cuppa, or fuelling your brain and system to function properly at your event or presentation, the cafe offers a very casual environment to anyone that patronises the establishment. 


With the growth in the coffee culture and coworking trend in Sri Lanka, we recommend you visit the Cafe with your co-founder(s), investors and or colleagues to brew a few fresh ideas to kick start your new business and hopefully win the hearts and cheque of your potential investor(s). 

Here's to more caffeine and (ad)ventures! 


Try the Passion fruit Cheesecake. Plus the Coffee is not to be missed.


14 Sir Baron Jayatilleke Mawatha, Colombo 1


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