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Crab Tales

Delivery only

A home cook specialised in crafting up some delicious, Sri Lankan-style crab curry.

Crab Tales is a home cook that finds the fleshiest crab, cooks it according to a delicious recipe that had been in the family for many generations, and delivers to your home; even through the lockdown.

How To Order

We got ours by DMing them on Instagram. Friendly and helpful, they made sure that our order is processed smoothly.
You can also get in touch with them via 0740809722. The orders need to be placed at least 24 hours in advance and are subjected to a delivery fee. For us, it was Rs. 300 (to Kotte).

Crabs & Carbs

Crab Tales's menu isn't extensive. It's simply crab in three sizes (Medium, Large, XL and Mighty Claws), and prawns prepared in three different ways (Eastern Classic, Black Pepper and Devilled), available in Single and Family size platters.

We got the Large Crab Meal (Rs. 6200) which is plenty for three hungry bellies. It includes two crabs, each weighing about 500g - 550g, cooked and placed inside a giant clay pot, and served with four roast paans. 

There was a lovely, crab-packed aroma wafting through, as we tore the cover off. I got so excited that I almost tripped over a wire as I reach out to my camera. 

The quality of the crabs was simply excellent. Crab Tales uses mud crab harvested from local lagoons, and they are some of the fleshiest crabs we've come across. 

Succulent, tender and cooked to absolute perfection, the crab meat here is fresh, firm, and yet comes off the shell so effortlessly. The spices and herbs have created a wonderful flavour ensemble, while the natural taste of the crab comes through it beautifully. 

A generous infusion of murunga leaves can be spotted here, especially in that incredibly rich, creamy gravy. Spicy, and carrying a good dose of curry, the gravy also had a slightly sweet undertone to balance everything out. It rings close to the Jaffna-style crab, but not quite alike. 

You know it's the right crab curry when you just use all the bread you have to mop up the clay pot, after wiping the shells clean. It's heaven!

The bread was of very good quality, which featured a thick, chewy, crispy crust, and a pillow-like, soft middle. From what we gathered, they're made to order by a baker nearby their place. 


Eating crab is a messy affair for some, but this stuff by Crab Tales is worth all that trouble. Their offerings are quite generous and good value for money. We wholeheartedly recommend!

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