Culture Colombo

No 25, Kensington Garden, Bambalapitiya

Culture Colombo is a Sri Lankan themed restaurant.They offer classic, Lankan favourites prepared with a gourmet approach to quality and execution.




The worst restaurant in Sri Lanka that I have ever been to. The day before we went to Culture Colombo we called them and reserved a private dining area (a room) for 7 pax. During the reservation, we asked them if we can hang a few decorations on the wall as it was a mini party and they said okay.
We went to culture Colombo on the reserved day and we mentioned about our reservation. The person who was in charge there at that time showed us a table in the middle of their main hall and told its the table that we have reserved. But we told him we requested for a private dining area (a room) and not a public one. Then he told he was not the person who took the reservation and wait for the person who took down the reservation to arrive.
The person who took our reservation came in another 10 mins and we told the same story to him. He asked us to wait for a few mins until they arrange a place.
Within a few mins, he came and took us to an inside hall, which is not again a private dining area and showed us a table in the corner as we can sit there but we can't hang our decorations there. We said no and mentioned to them that we reserved the private area. Then he told us its been booked by someone else, he didn't tell us that by the time we made the reservation.
We had a whole surprise party set up, which these people ruined. We had to look into a private dining area within few mins to continue the party. They didn't even offer an apology for what they have done.
The worst customer service ever and very disappointed with their service.

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No 25, Kensington Garden, Bambalapitiya


It's by the main road, right at the turn to Kensington Gardens.


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